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Hello! I’m Jim Bailey and I started painting houses in San Diego while going to college at UCSD for Urban Planning.


There was this cool summer internship program where they would teach college students to run a painting company – everything from hiring to job management. 


After the first summer of that internship, I was asked to train and mentor other college students to learn the same skills. 


This led to a major culture shock moving from San Diego’s beaches to Austin, Texas terrain upon graduation. We set up a partnership branch in Austin to train more college students how to run a painting company, so off I went to Texas!


After one year, my fiancé, Anna, relocated to Texas to be with me. We were there 5 years together before we decided to move closer to be with family. 


However, I still keep in touch with many of those past students who run their own successful painting companies to this today!


Anna is a great sounding board for my ideas and we decided to try our hand at a commercial painting company with a fresh start in Arizona. 


We loved it! We ramped up to 125 painters at the peak

…and then…


It happened…


The recession of 2008 hit hard and we went down to 8 painters. 


We held on as long as we could and then decided to start a construction company, flipping homes.


When the market started coming back, we went into residential painting and haven’t looked back since.

What I love about our company is the wonderful team we have, the great relationships with our clients and getting to help out in the community with Paint It Forwards –where we take community nominations for someone who needs painting, but cannot afford it and we just take care of it for them!

If you are in Arizona and need a painting contractor you can trust with the plenty of reviews, contact Prime Painting at 602-902-1584 for a FREE Estimate today!

Our team has over 380 5-Star Reviews and I’m so proud of them! Hope to hear from you soon, 

Jim Bailey

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