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As is the case with interior painting, exterior painting superior preparation makes for a superior job. 

Our Exterior painters in Phoenix, AZ make sure your home’s exterior is painted right. Our exterior painting is done with precision and no mess.

Windows are fully masked with film or plastic to ensure 100% coverage and no overspray hits your windows or your screens.  Lights are fully masked and walkways, patios and other concrete areas near your home will be covered in a thick plastic to ensure no drips of paint get where they should not.

You will receive a complete power wash with a 2500 psi power washer to ensure the home is completely clean of dirt and debris.  This will follow with scraping any and all areas of loose or failing paint from your home.  Damaged drywall will be re-taped and textured where necessary.  Vertical joints in your fascia boards will be caulked, cracks in your stucco will receive elastomeric patching compound, stucco will be repaired where necessary, and all bare areas will be properly primed prior to receiving a top coat of paint.

All surfaces will receive 2 full coats of ultra-premium paint to ensure it lasts for a solid 7-10 years.

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Looking for exterior house painters near me in Phoenix? Welcome to Prime Painting. We can help you get your home looking its best with a fresh coat of paint.

Our exterior painters in Phoenix offer a wide range of services, from painting to staining.

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We are a full-service painting company, and we have been in business for over ten years. We are licensed and insured, and we have a team of qualified exterior painters in Phoenix.


How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a home in Phoenix?

The cost to hire the best exterior painters Phoenix has varies depending on the size and condition of your home and the type of paint you choose.

Our exterior painters in Phoenix will provide you with a free estimate, and we offer competitive rates.

Does a painter need to enter my home?

No, our exterior painters in Phoenix do not need to enter your home. We can paint the exterior of your home from the ground, and we will protect your property. Our exterior painters Phoenix use drop cloths and tarps to keep your furniture safe.