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We understand that painting the interior of your home while you live there can be extremely stressful. Our process is designed to be as convenient to you as possible.  Our team of Interior Painters in Phoenix, Project Planners, and Managers work to make sure your preferences are accommodated.

Unless otherwise specified by you, furnished or occupied interiors are never sprayed and always brush and rolled to prevent the atomized paint from traveling to unwanted surfaces.

We typically fully paint the Master Bedroom and Bathroom on the first day and have it fully cleaned up so your “retreat space” suffers the least intrusion.  Next are any bedrooms that are also occupied.  Last are the general living areas and other guest  and/or bathrooms.  If you have a different preference for your project, please specify with our team and we will work to accommodate those requests.

Floors are masked with a thick plastic and/or rosin paper to ensure all the flooring is fully protected.  A light plastic and/or canvas drop cloths are used to protect furniture.  Switch plate and outlet plate covers are removed prior to painting and re-installed after the painting is complete.  Inside corners are caulked where necessary to create razor sharp lines for color transitions and sheen changes.  All finishes receive 2 full coverage coats as specified to make sure there are no “see through areas” or what painters refer to as “holidays.”

Empty and Unoccupied

When painting an empty and unoccupied home interior, the crew will typically spend the better part or all of the first day preparing the home.  This means masking the home in its entirety – floors covered in a thick plastic and/or rosin paper, lights, cabinets, fixtures, sinks and everything and anything that does not get painted gets fully masked with tight, clean lines.   Switch and outlet plates are removed and re-installed after painting.

Painting usually gets started late in the first day or on the second day, depending on the size of the home.  Ceilings are typically sprayed in a flat finish.  The doors, casings, and baseboards / trim are then typically sprayed in a semi-gloss finish.  The walls are then cut and rolled by hand with inside corners caulked where necessary to create razor sharp lines.  All finishes receive 2 full coverage coats as specified to make sure there are no “see through areas” or what painters refer to as “holidays.”

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Arizona Painting Company

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How often should you paint your house in Arizona?

In Arizona, you should generally hire interior painters in Phoenix for your house every three to five years.

How much does it cost to paint a house in Phoenix?

On average, it costs around $2,500 to hire interior painters in Phoenix.

What are people saying about painter services in Phoenix, AZ?

People are saying great things about our interior painters in Phoenix. We have a 5-star rating on Google and many positive reviews from our clients.