Accent Wall Ideas For Your Interior in Phoenix, AZ

Accent Wall Ideas For Your Interior in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for a remedy to your dull and mundane home interior appeal?

Painting an accent wall in your home interior might be the perfect solution you never thought would work!

So, if you are currently planning to paint an accent wall in your home interior and looking for accent wall ideas, here’s something you might find compelling.

To provide you with the freshest and most exciting ideas for your accent wall painting project, here are Accent Wall Ideas For Your Interior.

1. Single Colored Accent Wall

In the quest of finding ideas for your accent wall painting project, you might want to go back to basics and paint a simple but equally impactful and aesthetically pleasing single-colored accent wall.

A single-colored accent wall will be a perfect way to elevate your interior’s overall appeal, as it’ll provide your home interior with that much-needed enticement and contrast without doing too much tedious painting work.

In choosing a color to use for your accent wall, though, you will want to factor in the present color of the surrounding walls in your decision, because you want your accent wall to still blend well with its surrounding walls. 

Even though an accent wall is characterized as “a wall that is colored or appears different than its surrounding walls”, it is still important that your home interior still feels tied up and overall cohesive.

To do this, you can refer to color palettes to know which colors go best with which, or interior design inspirations so you can have an idea of which will work best. 

Additionally, if you do have the capacity to do so, it would be much better for you to consult with a paint professional. 

2. Two Toned Accent Wall

If you think that a single-colored wall is too boring for you and you’re looking for a more exciting idea, well maybe a two-toned accent wall will entice you!

Just like how it is named, a two-toned accent wall will be composed of two colors stacked up together, to create that perfect blend of contrast and harmony in your home interior. 

But, just like your single-colored accent wall, you will also want to take into consideration the colors surrounding your accent wall, and choose a pair of colors that will blend well with them to achieve an overall cohesive appeal.

Additionally, you must also keep in mind to choose two colors that go well together, on top of making sure that your overall accent wall goes well with its surrounding walls – so don’t rush in making this decision and choose well!

3. A Mural Accent Wall

If you’re feeling rather artsy, you can take on a more ambitious painting project and create a mural accent wall.

A mural accent wall will be perfect for creatives, who are looking for an outlet to let all their creative juices and ideas out – just do a few strokes, let your creativity unravel, and you’re off to make your next masterpiece!

You can totally let your creativity run wild in this one, so have fun!

4. A Textured Accent Wall

What’s great about an accent wall is it goes beyond the conventions of flat paint – so if you’re feeling rather bold, you can also take on a textured accent wall!

A textured accent wall can go into the forms of velvet, fur, wallpapers, or even an ambitious brick-and-stone accent wall partnered with a cascading waterfall!

With this one, you can also totally let your creativity and imagination unravel.

If you do want to pursue this accent wall but don’t know which one will be best for you, you can consult with a professional or an interior designer to help you formulate the best choice for your home interior. 

5. A Living Green Wall

If you happen to have a greater love for the outdoors, a great accent wall idea for you would be a living green wall.

A living green wall is characterized as a vertical garden, where you completely fill one wall with plants where it can grow and be, just like its namesake, a living green wall.

However, do make sure that in doing this, you position your accent wall in a spot where your plants can still receive ample sunlight because this will be essential to both their healthy growth and achieving a living green wall. 

What a way to bring the outdoors, inside your home!


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