Basic Steps To Follow In Painting Your Bathroom in Peoria

Basic Steps To Follow In Painting Your Bathroom

Everyone is focusing on their bedroom, kitchen, or living room’s aesthetic designs since these are places where they usually take their pictures and upload them online.

But they sometimes forget their bathroom or comfort room.

This is the part of the place that building owners tend to ignore because this is not where your guests stay; thus, this is not something to be posted online—not instagrammable, maybe?

Well, the bathroom needs special attention as well, since this is where you take a bath and do your personal hygiene routine.

So, if you’re planning to remodel and elevate your bathroom’s overall aesthetics, here’s something to help you.

Here are some Basic Steps To Follow In Painting Your Bathroom in Peoria, AZ.

1. Prepare The Right Supplies

Most bathrooms are small, so the materials or tools to be used are different from those utilized in wide areas.

You don’t need a lot, don’t worry— smaller brushes and paints will work.

So here are the things for starters: a paint roller, roller cover, sash brush, paint tray and liner, tape, screwdrivers, primer, and finishing. That’s it!

Oh, and don’t forget your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): apron, gloves, and something that will protect your hair and face.

2. Choose The Best Paint

We all want an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, and in doing so, you must choose the best paint.

Our bathroom is where we take our bath and shower; it is a wet place; thus, it is more exposed to moisture and wetness.

It would be better to use mold-resistant and moisture-resisting paint to be sure that your paint job will last long. 

3. Measure The Amount Of Paint You’ll Need

You don’t want to go out and buy paint again because you ran out of paint while in the middle of painting your bathroom.

Make sure you calculate the amount of paint you need to avoid running out of it—just enough for the size of your bathroom.

You can ask for assistance from hardware staff – simply give them the measurements of your bathroom, and they’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate.

4. Clean The Place

Scum and dirt on the walls will surely interfere with your painting process and make your progress slow.

Aside from that, you don’t want a finished product with unnecessary substances on it.

So, to avoid this, make sure to clean your bathroom first.

You have to get rid of the stuff you have there, like the mirror, soap and shampoo containers, rugs, racks, and other things that you think will be a nuisance when you’re painting.

5. Cover The Areas You Don’t Want To Be Painted

You probably don’t want your shower, bathtub, sink, and other things that cannot be removed to be splattered with paint.

So, make sure to cover them to keep them clean.

6. Prime Your Walls Before Painting

It is important that you prime your walls before painting.

This has a significant effect on how your paint job’s outcome will turn out – applying a coat of primer first gets your paint to adhere better to the surface, be more vibrant, and last longer.

7. Painting Time!

It’s painting time!

Open the paint cans and pour on your tray, dip your roller and roll it to your walls gently.

Just do everything gradually and slowly, there is no need to rush. 

Also, try dividing your walls into parts to have organized work.

You don’t want to paint here and paint there randomly since that will make a mess.

You can wait for two hours before the second coating or wait for the first layer of paint to dry. Just repeat the previous step you did.

8. Clean Up

When you’re finished painting, you should clean your surroundings by disposing of the tapes, random sheets, dry paints on the floor, and other mess.

Make sure to keep your painting materials in a safe place where children cannot reach them.

So now, you can enjoy your newly painted bathroom!

Just don’t forget to maintain its cleanliness, and remember—this room matters.

Thus, you need to make them aesthetically appealing as well.

Now, who says you can’t strike a pose in your aesthetically appealing, instagrammable bathroom?


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