Basic Steps To Painting Your Ceiling In Phoenix, AZ

Basic Steps To Painting Your Ceiling In Phoenix, AZ

Do you find your ceiling dull?

You may not be entirely aware of this, but people do take notice and look at the ceiling once they enter the room.

Their impression of the room is also their impression of you since everything about your place reflects your personality and preferences.

With this in mind, it is important that you also keep the appeal of your ceiling – do not just focus on your walls, trims, columns, and pillars because your ceiling matters in the overall appeal of your interior.

So, if you are planning on painting it, don’t worry—this content will help you with beginner-friendly steps.

Here are some Basic Steps To Painting Your Ceiling In Phoenix, AZ.

1. Pick Your Preferred Color

Most people go for lighter colors, such as white, neutral, pastel, and soft colors, because these schemes give them comfort whenever they want to relax.

But it depends on your preferred theme.

Just do not forget to invest in high-quality paint to fully achieve your desired style or design for your room.

2. Prepare Your Supplies

You will need proper painting essentials to make a huge difference and get the best outcomes in coloring your ceiling.

You will need a roller, tray roller, tarps, tapes, primer, broom, sandpaper, and small brushes.

Don’t forget your personal protective equipment, especially the mask which will protect you since you’re painting your ceiling, and you’re going to be looking up at most times.

3. Clean Your Area

Set aside your furniture, frames, mirror, and other objects—keep them in a safe place.

Cover the things that cannot be removed at the same time you don’t want to get painted on.

4. Get A Platform

Since the ceiling is high, you will need a platform such as a ladder to reach them.

A ladder is extremely important, since this will help you get closer to the spots and make everything easier.

However, extension poles are also recommendable if a ladder is not in proximity to you.

5. Dust The Ceiling

To clean the ceiling, add an extension pole to your duster, and use sandpaper to make it smoother.

This is important to start applying primer and paint because debris will get in your way.

Starting from a smoother and cleaner surface is a good way.

6. Tape The Walls

Start covering the walls, edgers, trims, columns, and pillars with paint tape to avoid getting painted.

It is advisable to paint your ceiling before the wall if your walls are not painted yet, and you are still planning for it.

Also, include the other things in the surroundings that are unattachable.

7. Apply Primer

Primer for this kind of painting project is optional, but applying this to your walls with stains is a good idea to cover those.

However, do remember that skipping the application of primer is still a risk within itself, so consult with a paint professional first prior to painting your ceiling. 

8. Roll On Paint

Add the extension pole on your roller to make it longer and reach the ceilings.

Pour the paint can into your tray and dip your roller into it.

Make sure you step on the platforms carefully to avoid falling and further accidents and damage.

Start painting one part of the ceiling to make your workplace clean and organized.

Use smaller brushes or groove the edges to get rid of extra paint dripping onto your walls and floors.

9. Paint The Second Coat

Before applying the second coating, let the first layer dry first.

While waiting, you can take a break and rest to regain some energy to paint again.

Doing this project slowly and gradually will give you a better result.

You can start doing the same process again by pouring some paints into your tray and rolling your rolls to it.

Roll your paint to your ceiling with the same pattern you did earlier.

10. You Are All Set

Now that you’re all done don’t forget to clean the mess.

You can invite your guests and have family and friends gather while enjoying your new painted ceiling.


These steps are so beginner-friendly that you will need little-to-no help at all!

If you’re living alone and trying to save, start from the basics, it doesn’t have to be that extravagant and fussy.

As long as your place gives you comfort, you are all set! 


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