There’s a really good reason why some guys offer super cheap prices, so, to protect yourself and your family, just make sure before you hire a painting contractor, they can answer “YES” to all 22 Questions…

Reputation and Stability:

  1. Can they supply at least 20 local references that you can call?
  2. Do they maintain at least $2 Million of Liability Insurance, and can their agent send the certificate directly, so that your home is covered in the event of an accident causing damage to your property (It happens).
  3. Do they have Workers Comp Insurance, so that you don’t lose everything you own if a painter gets injured? (This happens more than you might realize in the trades.)
  4. Are the painters they are going to send to paint your house ACTUAL employees of the company?

(If not and they use sub-contractors, they must have their own license and valid Workers Comp Insurance? 

Hiring unlicensed subcontractors is against the law in Arizona as they are aiding and abetting unlicensed contractors. The illegal practice is more common than you might think with some of the biggest companies involved in the practice.)

  1. Are they an Accredited Business with an A-Rating with the BBB?
  2. Do they maintain accounts with local suppliers and do they have letters of good standing? 
  3. Are they an active member of any local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary or BBB? 

Experience and Service:

  1. Do they offer a written warranty, if so how long is their warranty?
  2. Do they offer touch ups for the life of the warranty?
  3. Are they reachable 12 hours a day via the owner’s direct extension?
  4. Do they have a company policy to return calls within 3 hours during normal working hours?
  5. Do they give you a written painting process for interior and exterior work?
  6. Have they successfully completed at least 1000 painting projects since 2019?
  7. Do they provide a pre-project checklist with helpful hints?
  8. Do they provide an approximate start date and completion date for your project?
  9. Do they properly reinstall all door, window, and electrical hardware?
  10. Do their crews have written daily clean up processes and procedures
  11. Do they accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for ease of payment?

Follow Up and Follow Through:

  1. Do they provide a written quote with a price guarantee for the work specified?
  2. Do they provide a walk through with the crew lead upon completion of the job?
  3. Do they provide a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey upon completion of the job?
  4. Do they provide you with a warranty on all material and labor?

Prime Painting Proudly Answers, “YES,” To All 22 Questions and will provide both Liability Insurance and Workman Compensation Insurance Certificates…

…helping you sleep soundly at night knowing that in the event, if your home is damaged, or worse, somebody is injured, that you are protected.