Choosing a Paint Color For Your Hallway Painting Project in Peoria, AZ

Choosing a Paint Color For Your Hallway Painting Project in Peoria, AZ

While this is a part of our home that is grossly overlooked, applying a fresh coat of paint on our hallways is actually a very transformative way to elevate your home interior’s overall appeal.

In doing your hallway painting project, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make for the project would be deciding on a paint color to use for the project.

So, if you are currently gearing up for your upcoming hallway painting project and about to shop for paint, hold on – you have got to read this first!

Here are tips for Choosing a Paint Color For Your Hallway Painting Project.

1. Look At The Lighting Present

In choosing a paint color for your hallways, one of the most important factors to consider in your choice would be the lighting present in your hallways.

Colors, when lit under different kinds of lighting, can look varyingly in appearance and shade, since lighting has a significant effect on how a certain paint color will eventually look. 

Thus, when you’re choosing a paint color for your hallways, make sure to check it under the lighting present in the space – this way, you get to ensure how it will eventually look once you’ve painted it onto the space!

2. Consider The Size Of The Space

In choosing a paint color for your hallways, the size of the space is also a significant factor to consider in your choice. 

Different colors can bring a unique and distinct feel to a space; for example, lighter colors tend to make a space feel brighter, airier, and more open, essentially creating the illusion of a larger space than it actually is (this is because lighter colors reflect more light).

On the other hand, darker colors tend to constrict a space, which then makes it feel warmer, homier, and more intimate.

If you happen to have a rather wide and large hallway in your home and would want to make it feel more intimate, dark colors would be your best bet; consequently, if you have a smaller-spaced hallway, making it feel larger with light colors will probably be your best choice.

3. Try Harmonizing with Adjacent Rooms

One great thing about the functionality of your hallways is it connects adjacent rooms to one another – thus, this is another factor that you must think of in painting your hallway.

In choosing a paint color for your hallway painting project, you could also try harmonizing with adjacent rooms, to create a cohesive experience and a smooth flow in switching between rooms.

Check the colors of the room/space your hallways lead to, and be sure to choose a paint color that matches or pairs well with them.

If you are having a hard time deciding all of this on your own, fret not – you can refer to color palettes available online so you can have a better idea of which colors go best with which, or consult with a paint professional at your local paint store. 

4. Test and Experiment

Lastly, once you have a shortlist of paint colors based on the previous points given above, it’s time to put them to the test – which is an important phase to go through before committing to a final paint color!

To start, you’ll want to purchase small paint samples and apply them to a small section of your hallway, and observe how the paint colors look once painted onto the surface. 

This way, you really get to have a clear visual on how these paint color looks, whether they look good with the lighting present in the area, if they go well with the colors present in the adjacent rooms, so you can decide and make an informed decision. 

You don’t want to end up with a choice you’re eventually going to regret – not only will this be a hassle, but can also be expensive to take care of since you’re gonna need to backtrack all of your painting progress from the start.

It’s better to be sure and certain with your choices than be left with regrets that will just hassle you in the end – so make sure to remember this!


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