Choosing A Paint Color For Your Kitchen Painting Project in Phoenix, AZ

Choosing A Paint Color For Your Kitchen Painting Project in Phoenix, AZ

Your kitchen is an important space in your home; this is where you make and prepare the meals that nourish you daily, and many other chores that we do on a daily basis.

Thus, in doing a kitchen painting project, a lot of thought must go into planning the project to achieve a vibe that seamlessly allows us to feel comfortable in our kitchen space, especially in choosing a paint color.

If you are currently up for the task of deciding on a paint color for your kitchen painting project, here’s something you must read before going to the paint store!

Here’s a guide on Choosing A Paint Color For Your Kitchen Painting Project.

1. Look At The Colors Present In The Space

In making the decision of choosing a paint color for your kitchen, one of the factors that you should heavily consider would be the colors already present in your kitchen space.

Ideally, you should pause and take a moment to really observe the colors and elements that may be dominant in your kitchen space – which can be seen in your countertops, cabinets, choice of decorations, appliances, and other kitchen essentials.

This is to ensure that you end up with a paint color that goes well with them, allowing for an overall cohesive appeal and finish for your project.

You don’t want to be painting your kitchen in a paint color that just doesn’t go well with the rest of your kitchen interior – you’ll just be left with an eye sore of a kitchen!

To make sure that you do end up with a paint color that goes well with the existing colors in your kitchen, you can refer to color palettes available online, or approach a paint professional if you can and ask for their advice.

2. Light and Space

The lighting and space present in your kitchen is also a significant factor to consider in your decision, and for logical reasons.

First, it is important to know that lighting takes a huge influence on how your paint color will eventually look once painted on the surface.

So, depending on the lighting present in your kitchen space, your coat of paint can end up looking shades darker or lighter than it initially was, paler in color or even deeper, or even have some color undertones that weren’t there when you were first checking the color!

Thus, to ensure that you make an informed choice, make sure to test your chosen paint color/s first with your kitchen lighting and observe how it looks!

Additionally, your kitchen space is also a factor to consider in making your color choice – if you want to make the space feel spacious, airy, and brighter, lighter colors are your best best.

On the other hand, if you want to make your kitchen feel more intimate, warm, and almost bold, you can venture into darker colors, which may also bode well for larger-spaced kitchens!

3. Harmonize with Adjoining Spaces

If you happen to have modern open-concept floor plans where the kitchen often blends seamlessly with adjoining living or dining areas, you might want to think about harmonizing with the adjoining spaces. 

When selecting a paint color for your kitchen, consider how it harmonizes with the colors used in adjacent spaces.

A cohesive color palette throughout the open floor plan creates a sense of unity and flow, ensuring that your kitchen remains a harmonious part of the overall living space.

Just like what has been stated above, you may want to check out color palettes to get an idea of which paint colors goes best with which, or consult with a paint professional. 

4. Test Your Color Choices

Lastly, before actually committing to a final paint color, it will be best to test your color choices first.

To do this, you can acquire paint samples and apply them on a small section of your kitchen interior, so you can really observe and see how the color interacts with the space, how it goes with the lighting, and all the other aspects in your kitchen. 

Take your time to see how the color makes you feel and whether it aligns with your vision for your kitchen painting project.

You must never underestimate the power of testing and visualizing your chosen paint color before committing to coating your entire kitchen with it – this might be the step that saves you from a very regrettable decision, and a botched painting job!


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