Common Interior Painting Errors To Avoid in Phoenix, AZ

Common Interior Painting Errors To Avoid in Phoenix, AZ.

Interior painting sounds like a straightforward job.

You pick a color, grab a brush, and get on to work.

But interior painting is much more meticulous than just that.

Diving into the job headfirst can cause you to make some rookie mistakes. 

Everybody makes mistakes though, so with a bit of research and a caring attitude, you’ll be finishing that painting project in no time!

If you want your next interior painting job to look like a pro’s, here’s some Common Interior Painting Errors To Avoid in Phoenix, AZ

1. No Proper Prep Work

If you want your painting project to end with the best results, you have to start with the best prep.

A little planning can go a long way, and it can save you time and money in the process.

Not prepping the room you’ll be working on could hinder the painting process and cause more errors in your work.

Clear your room and cover any immovable furniture to protect it from any stray paint or paint drips.

Cover any outlets and check the area is properly ventilated.

Look for any peeling or flaky paint and make sure you’re working with a clean surface. 

Preparing to paint your interior can be time-consuming at times, but it’s one of the best things to do to avoid any interior painting errors.

2. No Primer in Sight

Clean walls just aren’t enough when it comes to painting the right way.

Using paint primer is an essential step to getting a flawless coat of paint.

If you’re painting over walls that have already been painted in the past, you can choose to use a paint-and-primer mix.

But if you’re working with new wood or unpainted drywall, using a paint primer is a must.

Priming does your walls and other surfaces a lot of good.

No prior priming could mean that stains or imperfections can shine through the paint.

Primer also works as a protective layer between the surface and the paint, giving your paint a smooth and even coating.

If you want something for the paint to adhere to without damaging the walls, use a paint primer.

3. Getting Impatient Between Coats

Patience is always a virtue, and that applies to painting too.

If you rush your work, you might find yourself making mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

One such mistake is not allowing the paint to dry between coats.

Various types of paints can have different drying times.

It’s better to wait and be sure that your first coat is all dry before you paint the second coat.

If you layer on a second coat without waiting for the first to dry, it may cause ridges to form.

It’s best to wait in between coats to ensure you don’t ruin the work you’ve already done.

4. Choosing The Wrong Paint Finish

Choosing a paint finish is just as important as choosing the color of your paint.

Some paint finishes work best with a certain room, so it’s good practice to know which ones are the most suitable for the area you’ll be painting.

The wrong paint finish can negatively affect how your paint looks.

Unless you plan to paint a kitchen or playroom that needs a high-gloss paint finish, normal bedroom walls are better paired with paint that has a semi-gloss or satin finish.

5. Selecting A Paint Color Without Testing It

Paint testers are made to help you figure out what paint color would actually look like inside your home.

A certain shade may look very appealing at the store, but it may not look as pretty when hit with natural light in your room.

To avoid regretting a color you chose, ask for a sample that you can take home and place in different areas of your home.

Be sure to take note of how it looks during different times of the day before you make your decision. 

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