Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tips To Know in Peoria, AZ

Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tips To Know in Peoria, AZ

In our dining room spaces, one element that really completes the area would be our dining room cabinets – they are not there for merely storage options, but they also greatly contribute to the overall appeal and vibe of the place.

So, proper maintenance is necessary, which can be best done through a fresh coat of paint.

If you are currently planning to undertake a dining room cabinet painting project and would like to know some tips on doing it, here’s something you might want to read.

Check out these Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tips To Know!

1. Prepare Your Cabinets For Painting

In painting your dining room cabinets, you should first prepare your cabinets for painting – which means doing proper surface preparation.

As the first part of your surface preparation process, you should ensure to empty your dining room cabinets – this is a very straightforward task and should not require any further instruction, just make sure that your cabinets are completely empty by the time you’re finished.

Next, you will want to inspect your cabinets for any signs of damage, and do the necessary repairs for them if you have found any.

It is important to remember that paint alone won’t be able to solve the physical damage on your cabinets, and you would need to repair these damages accordingly if you want to ensure a smooth paint finish.

Lastly, you will want to clean your dining room cabinets.

Dust and dirt might have accumulated on them over time, so make sure that your cabinets are squeaky clean before you paint them!

2. Utilize Painter’s Tape

Since you are going to be painting your cabinets, using painter’s tape will be helpful and necessary.

It’ll be hard to paint around the edges without getting smudges and smears all over your walls, which is why painter’s tape will be your best friend in this project.

Painter’s tape can help you significantly avoid those paint smudges and smears, which can also be a hassle to clean up, and ensure that you will have straight-cut borders as a result.

However, just don’t let your tape on for too long on the surface, or its adhesive might stick to your fresh coat of paint, and eventually peel them off when you finally remove the tape as a result.

3. Use Primer

In any painting project, the primer will always be a necessary ingredient to have – and the same applies to your dining room cabinet painting project.

Primer will help in ensuring that your coat of paint will have better adhesion to your cabinets, and can provide your coat of paint with better coverage, which allows for a more vibrant and brighter paint color.

This, in turn, will also ensure that your dining room cabinets won’t be peeling or fading anytime soon.

So, when you’re out shopping for paint materials, make sure to make space for a can of primer or two!

4. Cover Nearby Ground With Dropcloths

To avoid getting paint drips all over your dining room area, you will want to cover the nearby ground with dropcloths.

Paint drips or spills will happen sooner or later in a painting project, no matter how careful you may be – this is just the natural tendency of working with paint – and they can be a hassle to clean up.

So, you will want to cover the nearby ground with dropcloths – preferably, one with a canvas-type fabric, so that paint won’t seep through them. 

5. Remove Your Cabinet Doors

Lastly, in painting your dining room cabinets, you will want to remove your cabinet doors.

Why is this?

Cabinet doors can be especially unstable, with them swiveling back and forth, hence, will be difficult to paint on.

So, it would be more convenient for you to simply remove them from your cabinets and place them firmly on the ground, where they will be stable and you can paint on them easier!

However, do remember to keep all the necessary hardware such as bolts and screws in place, so you can still get your doors attached when you finish painting and drying them!


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