Do’s and Don’ts Of Painting A Small Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ

A lot of technicalities come with painting a small bedroom – the right colors, elements, and styles must be incorporated and used to ensure that the space won’t feel as confining as it already is.

While a fresh coat of paint does work wonders in transforming a small bedroom, it also won’t hurt to know some tips and tricks that go beyond just a fresh coat of paint.

So if you are currently preparing to do a painting project on a small bedroom, here’s something you might want to read!

Let’s check out these Do’s and Don’ts Of Painting A Small Bedroom.


1. Opt for Light and Neutral Colors

In working with a small bedroom, the paint colors you choose to incorporate in the already limited space are very important.

Generally, you’d want a paint color that would not hug the space but expand it and make it look more spacious – in this case, light and neutral tones, such as soft pastels, light grays, and creamy whites, will help you do this.

This is because these colors reflect light better, and thus, create the illusion of more space in the process.

2. Use Accent Walls Wisely

To help you maximize a small bedroom, you can also use an accent wall – they can add depth and character to a small bedroom, but they should be used wisely and tastefully.

To do this, you’ll want to choose one wall as the accent and paint it a slightly darker or bolder shade than the other walls.

This stylistic choice, along with the darker colors, creates an illusion of depth, thus, making the room bigger than it actually is.

Lastly, this added focal point can help draw attention away from the room’s size limitations and give the space a stylish touch.

3. Embrace Vertical Lines

In working with a smaller-sized bedroom, embracing and incorporating vertical lines into the space will help maximize the area.

When styled tastefully, vertical lines can create the illusion of height, making your small bedroom appear taller than it actually is.

To do this, you might want to consider using techniques like vertical stripes or incorporating tall, vertical design elements when painting your bedroom’s interior.

Executing this stylistic choice draws the eye upward and gives the impression of a higher ceiling, making the room feel less confined and limited.

4. Use Mirrors to Enhance Space

As an added element to your small bedroom, you might want to utilize mirrors to help enhance your small bedroom’s limited space.

While this is not directly related to painting, mirrors can work in harmony with your paint choices to make a small bedroom appear larger.

It is advantageous to know that placing mirrors strategically onto your bedroom space can reflect light better, and thus create the illusion of more space.


1. Hastly Dark and Intense Colors

While dark colors can be helpful in establishing depth, thus, maximizing a small space, dark colors can also constrict a room when done hastily.

This is because deep colors absorb light, which can help create a cozy vibe for your bedroom but a downside to this would be a confining and tight feeling in the space.

You must remember to be smart in incorporating dark colors into your bedroom – you might want to reserve dark colors for accent pieces or furniture to prevent your small bedroom from feeling like a cave.

2. Don’t Overwhelm with Too Many Colors

A good piece of advice for painting a small bedroom would be not to incorporate the space with too much colors.

In doing this, you run the risk of overwhelming an already limited space, making it feel cluttered and confined, leaving you with visual chaos that’ll be a sore to the sight.

As a general rule, you should stick to a cohesive color palette of two or three shades consisting of one main paint color and accent shades, in order to create a cohesive finish and essentially satisfying results.

3. Avoid Horizontal Lines

While vertical lines should be embraced for a small bedroom, we sadly cannot say the same for its counterpart – and for good reasons.

Horizontal lines tend to highlight a space’s width, which then would reveal and accentuate the room’s width and make it feel even more cramped.

Instead, focus on vertical elements that draw the eye upward!

4. Steer Clear of Overwhelming Patterns

While patterns can add interest to your small bedroom, excessive or bold patterns can be overwhelming.

If you choose to incorporate patterns, do so in moderation.

You won’t want to overwhelm a space that is already limited and confined – that’ll just be counterproductive to what you are initially doing for the improvement of the space!

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