Exterior Paint Color Ideas To Choose From in Peoria, AZ

Exterior Paint Color Ideas To Choose From in Peoria, AZ

Our exteriors are the first thing that people will see of our homes when they happen to visit or pass by – and the overall state of our exteriors sets their initial impression.

So, it is important that we maintain our exterior regularly – and one of the best ways to do this would be by treating your exterior with a fresh coat of paint. 

While most people would opt to repaint their exterior using the same color just to give it a refresh and a quick update, there might be other people who are looking for a new color to paint their exterior.

So, if you are currently browsing the internet for ideas on what to paint your exterior next, here’s something that you might be looking for!

Here are Exterior Paint Color Ideas To Choose From.

1. White

First on the list of paint color choices to choose for your exterior, painting it white will definitely be a stunning choice for you.

White will be a great choice since it is a sleek and classic color, and it is as versatile and customizable as it can be gorgeous, striking, and incredibly neat, so it is one of the top choices when deciding on an exterior color.

But, one of the most common misconceptions about the color white is that it tends to get boring, dull, and mundane since it is the usual safe choice people veer towards when it comes to choosing an exterior color.

However, when you choose the right shade of white and pair it with the right elements, your white exterior can be anything but dull and mundane.

You can choose from shades of white like eggshell or off-white to achieve that modern and sleek vibe, and maybe avoid getting lighter ones, since these are the shades that could get overwhelming for the eyes and stains very often (which is an important consideration knowing that you’re painting your exterior!)

You should also opt to pair your white exterior with black accents or rustic/woodsy elements to really elevate its overall appeal – after doing this, no one will dare say that your white exterior is boring and usual!

2. Black

Another great paint color choice when you’re fishing for color ideas to paint your exterior would be black

Black would be a great choice of paint color for your exterior if you want something rather extraordinary and out of the box, but still incredibly sleek, classic, and modern.

Painting your exterior black also poses a great benefit for you because it’ll be easier to clean and maintain – since black naturally has a darker shade, any dirt, mud, or dust that might infiltrate it will just blend with the color.

Talk about low maintenance!

If you want to elevate your black exterior even further, you should incorporate some warm light fixtures in your exterior to achieve an intimate and classy vibe to the place, or pair the color with white or woodsy accents, for that nice contrast between the colors. 

3. Blue

Another go-to classic you should consider when choosing a paint color to use for your exterior would be blue.

Blue will be a great choice of color for your exterior since there are many different shades of blue that could each contribute a very unique and distinct vibe to your exterior.

Shades of blue such as royal blue and dark blue could create a dapper and clean vibe to your exterior, while shades such as baby blue or pastel blue could create a bubbly and effervescent vibe to your interior – but there are a lot of other shades you can choose from, so just check them out until you find one you like!

However, a great tip for doing this would be to stray away from shades of blue that might be too bright and overwhelming to the eyes such as neon blue – your exterior is the first thing anyone will see of your home, and blinding them with a neon color might not be the best first impression. 


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