Game Room Painting Tips To Know in Phoenix, AZ

Game Room Painting Tips To Know in Phoenix, AZ

As a gamer, it will be a dream to have a space dedicated to your love and the art of video games, something such as a game room.

A game room will not only give you a dedicated space just for gaming, but it can also help in elevating your gaming experience – which is what many gamers dream of!

So, if you’re currently building your game room and looking for tips on how to paint it, here’s something you will find particularly helpful.

Here are Game Room Painting Tips To Know.

1. Go Bold With Your Paint Color

When you’re planning a game room painting project, one of the first things that you’ll want to do would be to choose a paint color to use for your project – and in doing this, you’ll want to go bold with your choices.

Your game room is supposed to be a fun and active space, so going bold with your choices could help you achieve that – think about bold, popping colors like shades of blue, violet, red, yellow, or green!

However, in doing this, you will also want to take the lighting present in the space into consideration.

You may want to incorporate mood lighting such as lamps or RGB led strips into your gaming room, so you will want to check first whether your chosen paint color will go well with the lighting you’re going to put there.

Additionally, while it is recommended that you go bold with your paint color choices, you should also keep in mind to not incorporate too many bold colors into one space, because it might get too overwhelming, becoming a mish-mash of strong colors that are too much to the eyes.

2. Paint An Accent Wall

When you’re painting your game room, you might also want to incorporate and paint an accent wall to the space, to elevate its overall appeal and make it more fun!

An accent wall will be a perfect addition to your game room since it can come in various forms and designs, so you have more room for flexibility in planning the perfect accent wall for the space.

You can opt for a simple, single-colored accent wall, or go with a funky geometric accent wall, or paint a mural of your favorite gaming character into the space – just let your creativity totally unravel, because the decision is up to you!

3. Do Proper Surface Preparation

One of the most important tips that you’ll have to keep in mind when you’re doing your game room painting project (or any painting project in general) is to do proper surface preparation prior to the project.

Proper surface preparation is always important because it sets your surface to be in its best state for painting – ideally, you would want to paint on a surface that is clean, smooth, and even.

Skipping surface preparation will usually result in an abysmal painting project, one you will have to redo and repaint.

So, to make sure that you don’t go through that hassle, you should do proper surface preparation – which is to inspect your surface for any signs of damage and repair them accordingly, then make sure that your surface is clean and even. 

4. Prime First

After a rigorous process of surface preparation, you should ensure to prime your surface prior to painting.

Primer is an essential process in any painting project, and for very good reasons.

First, it will ensure that your coat of paint will have better coverage, which will lead to a brighter and more vivid coat of paint – which is important when you’re painting a space such as a game room.

Additionally, ensuring a coat of primer prior to your paint application will significantly lengthen your coat of paint’s lifespan, so you won’t be painting your game room again anytime soon. 


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