Guide On Painting An Accent Wall In Your Home in Phoenix, AZ

Guide On Painting An Accent Wall In Your Home in Phoenix, AZ

If you feel like your home interior seems boring and mundane lately, painting an accent wall in it will be the perfect way to elevate your interior’s overall appeal!

So, if you have been thinking of painting an accent wall in your home interior, here’s something to help guide you as you plan and start your project.

Without further ado, here’s a Guide On Painting An Accent Wall In Your Home.

1. Know Where To Paint It First

To end up with a beautiful accent wall, you should determine and know first where to paint it.

Determining and knowing where it is best to put your accent wall is the most important first step toward your accent wall painting project, because you cannot just pick a random wall and say that it is where you want to paint the whole thing.

Ideally, you would want to paint your accent wall somewhere unobstructed by any tall furniture, and where the light will hit it perfectly, making for a gorgeous and striking accent wall.

Think about this carefully, because this will be the very foundation of your painting project!

2. Think Of An Overall Concept

After deciding on where you will paint your accent wall, you will now have to think of an overall concept or design.

Having an overall concept in mind is essential because this will set the creative direction of your project – this will determine which colors you’re going to acquire, which set of painting materials you’re going to need, and the like. 

In this process of ideation, you will want to also consider the colors already present in the area, so you can pick a concept that will go and blend well with them, ushering in an overall cohesive appeal. 

An accent wall can easily look randomly placed and odd especially if you do not think this through – ideally, you would want an accent wall that is technically different from the rest of your interior, but still perfectly wraps up the whole appeal of the space. 

3. Prepare The Area

Now, after making sure that you have a concept in mind, it is now time for you to prepare the area where you’re going to be painting your accent wall.

In doing this, you would want to clear the area first of any decorations, furniture, furnishings, and many other things that might be in the area – it is important to free as much space as possible so you can move freely as you go on with the project.

After that, you will now want to make sure that the wall you’re planning to paint is clean and damage free, so inspect the surface first for any signs of damage (and patch them up accordingly if there are any) and clean the surface, to ensure a smooth paint finish. 

4. Don’t Forget To Prime First

In any painting project, primer is always of absolute essentiality – and for good reasons.

First of all, the primer will ensure better coverage for your coat of paint, which in turn, makes your paint finish look brighter, more vivid, and more vibrant. 

Primer can also ensure that your coat of paint will have better adhesion to your surface, preventing any paint peeling or other paint problems in the future. 

5. Use Painter’s Tape

After a primer application, it is now time you use painter’s tape on your walls.

Painter’s tape is especially important for your accent wall painting project because it will ensure that you will have seamless and straight-cut edges, and for you to avoid getting paint smudges over the other walls. 

Since you might be working with more than one color for your accent wall, painter’s tape will also be very helpful in ensuring that your colors will be in the right places. 

6. Start Painting Your Accent Wall!

After finishing all the other processes above, it is now time for you to start painting your accent wall!

Just remember to let the initial coat of paint dry first before applying a new coat of paint over it to reduce the chances of paint problems manifesting later on, and have fun!


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