Guide To Choosing A Paint Color For Your Bedroom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

Guide To Choosing A Paint Color For Your Bedroom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

In our bedroom spaces, our bedroom cabinets assume an essential role that precedes beyond their immediate function – more than just being storage solutions, our bedroom cabinets actually contribute to the space’s overall appeal and look.

A nicely done bedroom cabinet goes a long way; not only will it elevate your bedroom’s overall appeal, but it will also nicely tie up your bedroom space!

So, if you are currently thinking of treating your cabinets to a fresh coat of paint and having a hard time choosing a paint color for it, here’s something you might find helpful!

Here’s a Guide To Choosing A Paint Color For Your Bedroom Cabinets.

1. Consider The Present Colors

In picking a paint color for your bedroom cabinets, you should first take a step back and think about the color palette and theme existing in your bedroom space. 

This is important since you should end up with a cabinet color that complements the existing colors and decor present in your bedroom space, allowing for an overall cohesive finish. 

If you are having a hard time determining which paint color might potentially go well with the colors already present in your bedroom, you can refer to design inspirations or color palettes available online, so you can get a clearer idea on this.

However, the best course of action for this would be to consult with a paint professional – they are color experts, and can definitely lead you to your best choices!

2. Assess the Lighting Conditions

Lighting plays a crucial role in how a certain paint color will look once it is painted on a surface – thus, this will also be a significant factor to consider in your decision. 

Depending on the type of lighting present in your bedroom space, your coat of paint might end up looking in a variety of conditions – darker or lighter than it initially was, paler or deeper in color, or even have some undertones in it when put in a certain lighting!

So, you have to remember to check the paint color under the lighting present in your bedroom space first, so you can see how it will look when painted there, and you can make an informed decision accordingly.  

3. Think Of A General Theme To Follow

Another helpful tip to follow when you’re deciding on a paint color to use for your bedroom cabinets would be to think of a general theme to follow.

This will be especially helpful if you happen to already have a theme going on with your bedroom space – to which, it would just be logical to just follow this existing theme in painting your bedroom cabinets.

When you have a general theme in mind, you will be pre-subscribed to a set of colors specially curated/picked to achieve that certain theme, which then liberates you from the daunting task of choosing a paint color from scratch!

4. Think About Your Personal Preference 

Lastly, don’t forget to consider your personal preferences and the vibe you’re trying to achieve in your bedroom space when you’re deciding on a paint color to use for your cabinets.

Your bedroom is essentially a space dedicated to your maximum comfort, so it just makes sense for you to ensure to paint your cabinets in a color that is in line with your personal preference. 

You’d want to ensure that you end up with a paint color that you will like in the long run to avoid redoing your bedroom cabinet painting project just because you keep on changing your mind about the color – that will be a hassle that will surely be costly!


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