Guide To Painting An Accent Wall For Your Home Interior in Peoria, AZ

Have you ever thought about elevating the look and vibe of your room, but you just don’t know how?

Don’t worry, because we got you covered!

You don’t need to look far because this can easily be done by adding some visual interest to a certain spot in your home, otherwise known as accent walls.

Without further ado, here are some Guides to Painting an Accent Wall for Your Home Interior in Peoria, AZ.

1. Choose Your Wall

The first thing to consider in achieving an eye-catching accent wall is choosing the “right” wall.

This stage is very vital because a poor choice of a wall may lead to just an even more awkward state of your room. 

2. Access

The right accent wall is usually the first wall that a person could view upon entering your room.

Granting that this wall is the first one to be seen, it must capture the full attention of anyone entering the room. 

For your fourth choice, you can place your accent wall on the spot that you face regularly.

This choice is believed to utilize the room’s natural line of sight and will enhance the point of convergence for that wall.

3. Architectural Pointers

You may also use built-in bookcases, fireplaces, architectural nooks, and any architectural clues as pointers for your accent wall.

This will help ensure that your accent wall is the intended focal point. 

You may also consider the placement of your accent wall on your existing furnishings. 

It is pointless to have your accent walls on spots that are covered with tall furniture, floor lamps, paintings, and others.

4. Position and Location

Always choose a symmetrical wall.

Your accent wall must not be placed in areas with slopes, on walls with windows of contrasting sizes, or odd niches.

You must also ensure that your accent wall is on a solid wall such as those that do not have doors, windows, or built-ins.

Aside from the abovementioned options, your ceiling could also be your room’s accent wall.

The color of your ceiling may help in heightening or emphasizing the space and aura of your room.

5. Choose the Right Colors of Paint

As the main goal of creating an accent wall is to elevate your room, you must go the extra mile on deciding what color to use in painting your accent wall. 

Colors have the capacity to make your room seem longer and wider, so you must use them to your advantage. 

The following may guide you in choosing the right colors for your accent wall. 

6. Explore Beyond Solid Colors

You must think and decide beyond solid colors.

There are a lot of paint colors that you can choose as your accent wall.

You may explore how to use the paint colors such as adding the repetition of colors, using stripes, using shapes, and other creative techniques that may add style to your accent wall. 

7. Bold and Odd Colors Are Okay

Also, it is okay to go for bold colors.

There is no limit in deciding what paint color to choose for your accent wall.

You can play around with bold colors as long as you also have the right accents in your room that match your new color. 

8. Consider other walls

Lastly,  you must also consider the other walls when choosing the paint color.

Contrasting colors have always been the safest advice and they also yield a powerful , stunning, and stylish combinations.  


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