Guide To Painting Over Dark Walls With Any Paint Color in Phoenix, AZ

Guide To Painting Over Dark Walls With Any Paint Color in Phoenix, AZ

You probably have a room where the walls have been painted dark colors for years, and suddenly you want a makeover to do something new for your place.

Or—you just moved to a new apartment where the old walls are painted dark.

While rooms painted with dark colors are popular, especially for entertainment like gaming rooms and art studios, it still fully depends on the preference of the people living in the space.

So, if you’re not truly feeling this dark color and want to repaint it with a different one, here’s something to guide you along the way.

Without further ado, here’s a Guide To Painting Over Dark Walls With Any Paint Color in Phoenix, AZ.

Step 1: Prepare Your Needed Supplies

Repainting your walls is not the same as painting them for the first time.

If you have the right supplies for this process, it will be easier, faster, and better than innovating some DIYs.

The best tools and materials will make a huge difference both in the process of painting them and in the outcome.

The painting essentials you will need are tarps, primer, roller, roller tray, sandpaper, and your desired paint in high-quality.

Take note, the color depends on you; it could be warm, neutral, or cool.

Don’t forget to wear your personal protective equipment such as an apron, gloves, mask, and hairnets.

Step 2: Clean The Surface

You have to dust first your wall, removing some unnecessary debris using a broom and sandpaper to make it smoother.

If there are holes or cracks, make sure to fill them with fillers.

Put some tapes on the edges or any part you don’t want to get painted.

You can cover the ceiling trims, pillars, columns, floor, and even the decorations that cannot be removed.

Step 3: Choose The Right Primer To Cover Dark Paint

It’s time for you to prime, one of the most important parts of painting and repainting your walls.

Other designers use one coat of primer, but in your case—you have a dark color painted surface; thus, you will need a layer of it to cover it up.

Also, white primer is recommendable since you have a darker shade wall; this will ensure that everything is painted up with new color.

White primer will help you change the dark-painted walls with any shade you prefer.

In applying the first coat of primer, let it dry first before moving to the next layer, and don’t worry about the uncovered muted color; you can add more coat there.

Don’t cheap this out; instead, choose the best with high-quality primer!

Step 4: Start Repainting

This is probably your favorite part; make sure your preferred paint color is ready.

Using the actual paint is exciting because you finally—can officially start redesigning the new style for your room.

Make sure to find some spots where you can test your paints; the lower left or right are recommendable for this.

After some trials, you can start painting with a pattern from left to right or top to bottom.

Some painters recommend rolling your roll with an “M” or “W” shape; this makes the paint dry faster.

Step 5: Applying Second Layer

Remember, if you want to achieve an extreme transformation, it will take you more layers and a lot of time to finish the project.

Lighter colors such as yellow, pink, and orange needed more layers than dark blue, green, and purple shades.

Some can finish it in a day or half-day, it depends on the number of people working.

Regardless of being a difficult job, everything is worth it because of the result.

So, just keep painting!

Step 6: Cleaning The Area

To make everything neat and clean, gather the supplies you used and place them somewhere where children or pets cannot reach.

Keeping them in a safe place is important because you might need them again.

Step 7: You’re All Done!

Place some beautiful artworks and decorations to make your wall interesting visually.

This will leave an impression on your visitors or guests since your place reflects your personality.


Redesigning your place is never easy, but you’ll get there.

As long as you have the dedication, determination, and goals for your room, a step-by-step process is the key to a successful makeover!

Now that you have the desired paint color, it’s time for you to relax and enjoy the new atmosphere that your room gives.


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