Guide To Repainting Your Bathroom in Phoenix, AZ

Guide To Repainting Your Bathroom in Phoenix, AZ

Our bathrooms are an essential part of our homes – it is where we do our various hygiene-related activities, or even sometimes relax after a long day.

When you finally experience the discomfort of a dilapidated and unkempt bathroom gives you, you will realize how important it is that we maintain our bathrooms.

One of the best forms of maintenance for your bathroom would be through a fresh coat of paint – it’s just the magic that a brand new coat of paint provides to a space.

So if you are currently planning to repaint your bathroom and are looking for tips to help you in doing it, here’s something you will definitely like.

Here’s a Guide To Repainting Your Bathroom.

1. Dry Your Bathroom Floors Before Anything Else

When you are repainting your bathroom, one of the first things that you should be doing would be to dry your bathroom floors.

Drying your bathroom floors is important since wet floors can be slippery, and a wet bathroom floor covered in muck or slime will be even more slippery.

There tend to be a lot of movements and activities involved in a painting project, so ensuring that your bathroom floors are dry and not slippery will be of great help in ensuring that your painting project goes well – which is essentially what you want out of this project!

2. Clean Your Bathroom

Another essential tip when you are going to be repainting your bathroom would be to do proper surface preparation – or, in simpler terms, cleaning your bathroom.

Cleaning your bathroom is important if you plan on repainting it because this will ensure that you will have a smooth, and muck-free surface to paint on – which tends to build up on your bathroom surface over time.

So in doing proper surface preparation, you will want to inspect your surface first for any kinds of damage, and if there is any, make the necessary repairs for them.

This is important because if you happen to have physical damage on a surface, you will need to get these repaired first because paint nor primer will not be able to conceal or cover them up all on their own.

Next, you will want to ensure that your bathroom surface is free of any muck, slime, or even molds that might have built up or developed over time.

For muck or slime, you can simply scrub them away with a detergent and let them dry accordingly, and for molds, you will want to treat them with a mold-killing solution to ensure that they won’t be persisting and eventually destroying your new coat of paint.

3. Cover Your Bathroom Fixtures

For your bathroom fixtures such as your toilet, sink, tub, or your towel hangers, you will want to cover this up with drop cloths.

Covering them up with drop cloths is important so you won’t get paint drips all over them as you repaint your bathroom – which tends to be inevitable in a painting project.

Ideally, you would want to get the canvas-type drop cloth, so you can ensure that the paint won’t seep through the fabric and possibly stain your fixtures – which renders your usage of drop cloths useless.

4. Choose A Paint Color Properly

When you are doing a painting project, one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to do would be to choose a paint color to use for the project – so in your bathroom repainting project, you will want to do the same thing and choose a paint color properly.

First, you will want to consider the lighting present in the area and ensure that your paint color will eventually go well with it.

You can ensure this by checking paint samples under your bathroom’s lighting or by doing a test paint on your bathroom, to see how your chosen paint color will actually appear once it is on your surface.

Additionally, you will also want to take into consideration the colors already present in your bathroom, because you will want a paint color that complements them, for an overall cohesive look.

5. Paint From The Top

Lastly, when you are finally applying a coat of paint to your bathroom, you will want to do this from the top first.

This way, your inevitable paint drips will go down surfaces you’ll be covering as you go down and not flow on your fresh coat of paint, which will happen if you do the opposite.

This way, you also get gravity to be on your team – which is a friend you’ll be happy to have in your painting project!


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