Handy Tips To Know In Painting Your Guest Room in Phoenix, AZ

Handy Tips To Know In Painting Your Guest Room in Phoenix, AZ

Our guest rooms may just be extra rooms in our houses, but this doesn’t make them less important.

When we have visitors or loved ones coming from somewhere far come over, our guest rooms become their personal space, a shelter they can temporarily seek to. 

So, it is important that we make our guest rooms feel like a home, away from home for our visitors and loved ones.

If you are currently preparing a guest room painting project, here’s something that might be of help to you.

Here are Handy Tips To Know In Painting Your Guest Room.

1. Do Proper Surface Preparation

When you are painting your guest room, a handy tip that you should keep in mind would be to do proper surface preparation before anything else.

Proper surface preparation includes inspecting the surface you’re going to be painting for any signs of damage, repairing them accordingly if you have found any, and cleaning the surface, making sure that it is smooth and even.

Proper surface preparation is important for a guest room painting project, or any painting project for that matter because it gets your surface to be at its best state for painting.

It allows a smoother and cleaner paint finish and ensures that you will be having satisfactory results in the end – which are essentially the marker of a successful painting project.

So if we want to ensure that your guest room painting project goes well, keep this tip in mind.

2. Look At The Lighting Present

In your guest room painting project, or any painting project for that matter, one of the most important decisions that you have to make would be to choose a paint color to use for the project.

And in doing so, you will want to see the lightning present in your guest room, because this poses a huge influence over your color choices.

Lightning hugely affects the way your paint color will eventually look once it is painted on your surface – depending on the lighting present, it can end up looking shades darker or lighter, paler or deeper, or even have some color undertones that you did not notice when you were the first checking out the color.

So you will want to check paint samples in your guest room, so you can see how the lighting present there affect your possible color choices.

Or even better, you might want to acquire a small amount of the paint color/s you have ultimately ended with, and do a test paint on a small portion of your guest room, so you can actually see how they will look when they are painted there and how the lighting present in this space affects them.

3. Use Primer

In any painting project, a primer will always be important and your guest room painting project is no exception to this.

Primer is important because it ensures better adhesion for your coat of paint and ensures full coverage, which in turn will result in a brighter and more vivid paint finish.

Additionally, a primer will lengthen your coat of paint’s life and make it significantly stronger – so if you are planning to only repaint your guest room once in a long time, apply a coat of primer prior to your paint application.

4. Mix All Your Paint In One Container

In order to ensure an even and cohesive paint color throughout your project, you will want to mix all your paint in one container. 

What professionals would call boxing your paint, which then gives you an even color and homogeneous consistency for your project.

Painting from can to can, even though they are practically labeled as the same color, can result in a slight difference in shade since the consistency from can to can might not be the same.

5. Start Painting At The Top

Lastly, a pro tip that you will want to keep in mind when you are painting your guest room would be to start painting at the top.

When you’re painting at the top, it gets you to have those pesky paint drips flowing down surfaces that you are going to eventually cover as you make your way down.

In comparison, when you’re painting from the bottom first, paint drips will essentially flow down onto your fresh coat of paint, ruining it in the process.

Through this, you get to have gravity on your side – which is an ally that you will be thankful to have in a painting project.


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