Handy Tips To Know When Preparing To Paint Your Exterior in Phoenix, AZ

Handy Tips To Know When Preparing To Paint Your Exterior in Phoenix, AZ

Preparation for an exterior painting project is an extremely important aspect of your painting process, since this will set your initial pacing and progress.

Preparation will also ensure that you will have a smooth painting project experience, and will significantly eliminate all possible delays and problems.

So, if you are currently planning your exterior painting project and would like to know how to properly prepare for it, here’s something you will find very useful.

Here are Handy Tips To Know When Preparing To Paint Your Exterior.

1. Check Weather Conditions Ahead Of Time

In preparing to paint your exterior, one of the first things you should be doing would be to check weather conditions ahead of time.

Since your exterior is basically outside your home, the weather will be a very crucial factor in your project.

For very obvious reasons, you should be looking out for rainy days, since aside from the fact that you won’t be able to paint in the rain, it will also be too slippery to do so.

Additionally, you shouldn’t be painting on a very hot day or in direct sunlight, since the higher temperatures might affect your coat of paint, and eventually turn into a paint problem that will be a hassle to fix.

Ideally, you would want to paint on a clear, dry day – so look out for this kind of weather ahead of time!

2. Know How Much Space You’re Working With

Another important thing that you should be preparing ahead of your exterior painting project would be to know how much space you’re working with.

Knowing how much space you’re working with we’ll get you to have a clearer idea of whether this is a project you can complete on your own or you will be needing additional help.

You will want to ensure that your exterior painting project goes as seamlessly and as smoothly as possible, and that you finish on schedule – so knowing whether you will be able to do it all on your own, or whether you will need additional help is crucial for the latter to happen.

3. Choose A Paint Color Properly

An important decision that you have to make in your exterior painting project would be choosing a paint color to use.

And in deciding to do so, there are several factors that you’ll have to keep in mind.

First, you will want to take natural lighting into your decision of choosing a paint color for your exterior.

Natural lighting tends to wash out colors, making them look shades cooler than they actually are.

So, a workaround for this would be to buy a paint color that is shades warmer than what you have initially chosen, so the final outcome will look somewhat similar to your first choice of paint color.

Next, you will also want to consider the colors already present around your exterior – you will want to essentially end up with the color that will go well with them, for an overall cohesive and aesthetically appealing finish.

However, if you’re still unsure about your choices, you should not be shy to consult with a paint professional – in fact, they’ll be glad to help you out!

4. Gather All The Tools You Need

Prior to your exterior painting project, you should have already gathered all the painting materials you need to complete the project.

This is an important step to take in your painting preparation process since having all the materials you need to use for the project will save you from the hassle of going back and forth to the paint store to get more materials, which will just hamper your progress and delay your project.

If you want to finish on time and as soon as possible you need to keep this tip in mind.

5. Do Proper Surface Preparation

Lastly, you’ll want to prepare your surface for painting prior to applying a coat of paint on your exterior.

Proper surface preparation is important because your exterior will have various kinds of dirt on its surface, which you will want to remove prior to paint application for a smoother and cleaner paint finish.

You’ll also want to inspect your surface for any signs of damage and repair them accordingly since no paint nor primer will ever be able to completely conceal these physical damages on their own.


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