Home Interior Painting Tricks To Avoid Mess in Phoenix, AZ

Home Interior Painting Tricks To Avoid Mess in Phoenix, AZ

In any painting project, the mess will always be inevitable.

When you’re working with paint, you will just have to accept the reality that, in one way or another, you’ll eventually create some kind of mess even when you don’t intend to.

However, just because this is the norm in a painting project doesn’t mean that there aren’t any extra steps or painting tricks that you can keep in mind to lessen or avoid the mess in the first place.

So, if you’re here because you plan on doing an interior painting project and want to know how to make the process as seamless and mess-free as possible, you’re in the right place.

Here are some Home Interior Painting Tricks To Avoid Mess.

1. Clean Your Walls First

In order to avoid a mess in painting your home interior, you must remember to clean your walls first before you start painting on them.

Proper surface preparation is important in any painting project because it will ensure that you will have a clean and even surface to work on, which will result in better quality results.

Your painting project could potentially get messy if you skip surface preparation because it’ll just result in a sloppy and nasty paint finish – which is something you will eventually have to redo and repaint, wasting both your initial effort and expense.

To do this,  you could either simply dust your walls (if you have been keeping your walls properly) or opt to scrub them down with some kind of cleaning detergent, if needed so – just make sure that you dry your walls first before you apply any coats to it. 

2. Make Sure To Clear The Space You’re Painting

Ideally, when you’re painting your home interior, you would want to ensure to clear the space as possible, to allow for freer movements as you make your way in painting.

Having any furniture or interior fixtures present in the space you’re painting increases your risk of tripping or spilling paint all over the place, creating the mess you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Additionally, since paint drips and splatters are generally inevitable in any painting project, having your furniture or interior fixtures in the space you’re painting will put them at a greater risk of catching those drips and splatters – which is another mess you’ll have to fix.

So, to avoid this hassle, remember to clear the space you’re painting before anything else.

3. Put Tape Over Your Paint Can

Are you getting annoyed that when you try to wipe excess paint off the edge of your paint can or container, it then spills and drips over to your floors?

To avoid exactly this kind of a mess, a pro-tip that will be extremely useful would be to put a tape over your paint can.


This is so you can wipe off excess paint there instead of wiping it over the edge of your paint can or container, which will then cause your paint to drip right back into the can instead of spilling over your floors.

In doing this, you do not only solve your mess-related problem, but you also get to conserve your paint!

4. Start Painting From The Top

In painting your home interior, you would yield far lesser mess if you start painting from the top. 

Painting from the bottom and making your way up gets you to work against gravity, which will then result to paint drips running all over your fresh coat of paint – a mess, in other words.

To avoid this exact dilemma, you will want to start painting from the top instead, because then drips won’t be a problem since they’ll be running down to surfaces you’ll eventually paint over as you make your way down. 



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