How To Achieve A Smoother Finish When Painting Wood In Peoria, AZ

Some designers say “wood is the best, popular, natural, simple but elegant” for your interior.

Wood walls, accent walls, ceilings, trims, furniture, and even decorations can make you feel cozy, earthy, and refreshing.

Learning the techniques of painting wood is not that difficult, but it will take some time and practice to achieve your preferred outcomes.

With just a few tips and tricks at hand, you will be able to transform any wood material all by yourself – an amateur painter!

So, to guide you in your latest painting venture here’s How To Achieve A Smoother Finish When Painting Wood In Peoria, AZ.

1. Prepare The Materials

Before starting anything else, preparation is the first step you have to do.

You cannot perform without equipment, tools, and materials.

So, here are the things you need before starting—any cover for protection such as clothes, plastics, paper and tarp, brushes, roller, paint tray, primer, sandpaper, paints, vacuum or broom, and personal protective equipment.

2. Cover And Protect

Remember to cover any areas that you don’t want to get splattered on with paint, and if you’re painting a wall, put painter’s tape on its edges, crevices, and corners so you won’t get paint smudges on unnecessary areas.

Ideally, you would want to get a canvass-type dropcloth so the paint won’t seep through it and stain, and you can protect them from any paint spills.

3. Clean The Wood Surface

Wear eye protection and gloves to avoid irritation and further injuries when cleaning the wood.

Use a rag and dip it in a bucket of water to wipe the wood surface and object; in this way, you will be able to remove the dirt, oils, and other unnecessary things on it.

Rinse it and let it dry; if there are holes—fill them with fillers.

4. Sand The Area

Wear a facemask or any nose and mouth protection when you sand the area to protect yourself from any health risks.

The sandpaper will help you apply primer and paint easily and properly.

Don’t forget to sand the corners of surfaces and objects for an even smoother surface.

5. Clean The Debris

After sanding, you can now clean off the debris using a vacuum or broom from the surface.

However, do make sure that you are still wearing the necessary protective equipment – do not put your health at risk!

6. Prime The Wood

Mix your primer very well and use a brush or roller to apply it to the surface.

After drying, it will look transparent on the wood – that’s an indicative sign that you should apply your primer for the second coating.

In doing this, you are getting one step ahead towards getting that smoother painting finish!

7. Sand The Primer

After applying the prime, it is important to sand the wood again with a primer.

But don’t forget it; let it dry first completely.

In this part, sanding the surface should be more careful to avoid ruining the primer.

8. Paint The Surface

This is the part where you can use the paint and brushes to fully transform the space or furniture you’re planning to paint!

Use brushes for smaller furniture such as tables, cabinets, and ladders with trims.

As for your walls, use a roller and bigger size brushes.

Pour the paint on the tray and gently dab the brushes and rollers on it to let it adhere to the wood.

Use a specific pattern for furniture and “W” or “M” strokes for walls to achieve an even coating.

9. Sand The First Coat

Use the sandpaper again to achieve an even smoother coat.

This will be the last time you will sand the surface.

After sanding, use a cloth and gently run it through the surface to get rid of dust and debris.

Too much pressure might ruin the paint and leave a scratch, so do it slowly and carefully.

10. Apply The Second Coat

You can now apply the second coat for a more solid and even color to your wall, ceilings, or furniture.

Let it dry as much as possible overnight or longer to make the paint more durable.


As you can observe from the list above, it is always important to use sandpaper to achieve a smoother surface for your wall, ceiling, and other objects.

Also, high-quality primers, paint, brushes, or rollers are important to get the final look you desire.

Surely, wood gives a serene feeling within your place but painting it will make everything creative.


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