How To Avoid Mess In Your Bedroom Cabinet Painting Project in Phoenix, AZ

How To Avoid Mess In Your Bedroom Cabinet Painting Project in Phoenix, AZ

In elevating your bedroom’s overall appeal, doing a bedroom cabinet painting project gets discredited oftentimes – but a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can actually bring so much visual interest to your space!

However, doing a bedroom cabinet painting project, or really any painting project for that matter, can be messy – this is just how it is when working with paint.

But, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any preventive measures you can do to avoid a mess in your painting project. 

So, if you are looking for ways to significantly dodge and avoid a mess in your bedroom cabinet painting project, here’s something perfect for you!

Here’s How To Avoid Mess In Your Bedroom Cabinet Painting Project.

1. Plan and Prepare

In any painting project, proper planning and preparation prior to the project are always necessary and essential – and this is also important in avoiding any kind of mess in your painting project!

Doing proper planning and preparation before embarking on your painting project gets you on top of all the things and processes involved in your painting project so you can properly sort them out and essentially avoid any mishap or mess in your project!

You need to remember that any painting-related problem in your project will not only cause a mess but can also be potentially expensive to take care of and an overall hassle for you.

So, to properly plan and prepare for your project, make sure to list all the things you’ll need, sort out your schedules for your project, properly plan out your budget, and prepare the room you’re going to be painting – which in this case, will be your bedroom. 

2. Proper Surface Preparation Is Important

Another type of preparation that will be essential to ensuring lesser mess for your bedroom cabinet painting project would be proper surface preparation. 

The proper surface preparation process will ensure that you have a smooth surface to paint on, essentially also ensuring a clean paint finish in the end.

Painting on a surface that has not been properly prepared prior will inevitably result in a messy and dirty paint finish, which is one of the many types of mess you’re looking to avoid in your project. 

So, to start your surface preparation process, you’ll want to clean your bedroom cabinets first – ensure that it is free of any dirt, dust, and many other kinds of build-up that may have accumulated on their surface over time.

Then, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect your cabinets for any kind of damage, and ensure to do the necessary patchwork repairs if you have found any.

It is important to remember that while paint can be extremely transformative, it won’t be able to cover up or conceal physical damages on a surface, so to ensure a smooth and clean paint finish, doing the repairs for any physical damages on a surface is a must. 

You can also opt to lightly sand your cabinets after all this, since this will also help the paint adhere better and result in an overall better paint finish.

3. Protect Surrounding Areas

To protect your fixtures or floors from the inevitable paint drips and spills, which can create the mess you’re looking to avoid, you should make sure to protect any surrounding area with drop cloths.

These drop cloths will be crucial and beneficial to help you avoid those pesky paint drips and spills, which can be taxing to remove off of surfaces after a painting project!

Additionally, it will be ideal for you to acquire a canvas-type drop cloth, as this is the type of fabric that won’t let paint seep through it – giving you secure and all-around protection for your floors, fixtures, and other essential things you may have in your bedroom!

5. Use Painter’s Tape

Lastly, you should employ the use of painter’s tape in your bedroom cabinet painting project to help you avoid mess. 

In painting the corners and edges of your cabinets, you’ll find that it’ll be hard to do so without getting paint smudges and smears all over the place – but this is the exact kind of problem painter’s tape can help you avoid!

Just put the tape on the edges of your cabinets so the paint doesn’t get on your walls, and just remove them after!


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