How To Choose A Paint Color For Your Exterior in Peoria, AZ

How To Choose A Paint Color For Your Exterior in Peoria, AZ

In an exterior painting project, one of the most important decisions that has to happen would be deciding which paint color to use for the project.

It is important to be careful in choosing a paint color, to ensure that we can end up with the best possible choice.

So, if you’re currently planning your exterior painting project and want to know how to choose a paint color, here’s something you might find useful.

Here’s How To Choose A Paint Color For Your Exterior.

1. Think About Exterior Lighting

In choosing a paint color for your exterior, one of the things that you should be heavily considering would be the lighting your exterior receives – natural lighting or sunlight.

When choosing a color for your exterior, natural lighting is one of the biggest factors that you should be taking into consideration in your choice.

For starters, natural lighting tends to wash out colors, making it shades “cooler” than how it initially was.

So, to counter this, you should make sure to choose a shade warmer than what you initially wanted, so the end result on your exterior will look somewhat similar to how you initially saw the paint color you wanted. 

But, an even better workaround for this would be to actually do a test paint on a small portion of your exterior, so you can actually see how your chosen paint color will look once it is painted on the surface.

2. Look At The Colors Present Around Your Exterior

Another thing that you’ll have to take into consideration when you are looking for a paint color to use for your exterior painting project would be the colors present around your exterior.

This is another factor that you’ll want to take into consideration because essentially, you’ll want to end up with a paint color that goes well with the colors around your exterior, for an overall cohesive and aesthetically appealing finish. 

Making sure that you end up with a paint color that goes well with your exterior’s surroundings is also important because you want to ensure that your painting project will harbor satisfying results, since your exterior is literally the first thing anyone will see when they pass by your home – it’s better to set a good impression on the get-go!

However, if you’re not sure of which color should go with which, you can just refer to color palettes or mood boards available online.

But, if you do have the means to do so, contact a paint professional for advice. 

3. Think Of A General Theme

In choosing a paint color for your exterior, it would be better and much easier for you if you already had a general theme in mind. 

With a general theme in mind, you get to have a prescribed set of colors to match or help you achieve that certain theme or vibe, which in turn makes the decision of choosing a paint color relatively easier for you, since your paint color choices are now narrowed down!

Just make sure that whatever theme you do end up with goes well with the lighting in your exterior and the present colors surrounding it, and you’re good to go!

4. Make Sure That You Really Like The Color

Lastly, you should make sure that the color you do end up with is a personal choice, devoid of any external influences and such. 

This is important because you do want to end up with a paint color that chose because you actually love it, and not because you were told to do so or you are following a certain trend that is bound to fade sooner or later.

You don’t want to be constantly repainting your exterior because you keep changing your mind, so you should ensure to end up with a paint color you know you’ll love for a long time. 


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