How to Paint A Lighter Color Over a Dark Wall

Lightening up a dark-colored wall is a major DIY transformation.

Although it may seem to be easy, it is a long and tedious labor that will ultimately put your patience into the test.

Hence the following will be your guide in painting over a dark wall. 

Worry not, this blog will present you with steps on How to Paint a Lighter Color Over a Dark Wall in Peoria, AZ. 

1. Always Start With a Plan

Although spontaneity and impulsiveness may yield successful results, you are advised to create a proper plan in undertaking this painting venture. 

In covering up a dark wall with an entirely lighter shade, you need to accomplish a few steps before you can finally start to layer on your new hue.

In this stage, you must assert what you really intend to happen in order to save your time and proceed to the next stage. 

You must come up with concrete and absolute plans rather than pure abstractions. 

2. Pick Up the Right Supplies

Acquiring the right supplies will greatly impact the final output of your painting project. 

For starters, you must acquaint yourself with painting essentials before going to your local hardware stores.

For starters, sandpapers and spackles help in making necessary repairs to your wall prior to the layering of paint. 

Spackles will help you fill in holes or crack while the sandpaper will help you even out the surface. 

A primer is also essential which will help you cover the original or old paint color on your wall. 

Finally, you must never forget roller and paintbrushes as these will help you apply your chosen paint to the wall surface.

3. Prep and Prime

Your initial preparation includes cleaning your walls to eliminate dust and dirt and may impede the successful flow of your painting operation. 

You may use a dry dusting mop to make the cleaning easier and then wipe vertically along the wall.

If there are stains that are hard to remove, you may tackle them with a clean rag, water, and gentle dish soap. 

In the case of priming, you may need to go for at least two coats of primer to cover the wall properly. 

Make sure that each of the coats are fully dried up before you apply another layer of primer. 

4. Start Painting

Once you have chosen the new color for your wall and completed the priming process, you can now move to painting your walls. 

For helpful tips, you must be conscious not to load excessive paint on your roller and paintbrush as this may cause blobs and drips.

You must also aim your roller to roll in a zigzag, “M” or “W” shape patterns and not up and down to help ensure that streaks would not show up once the paint dries. 

Also, you must stay consistent with your edging and maximize the use of painter’s tape or paint edging tool to save more time. 

5. Let The Paint Dry Fully

As mentioned, this painting is time-intensive and you must be really patient in order to yield successful results. 

Always let the paint dry fully before adding a new coat. 

Once this is not applied, your still-tacky layer or coat may not provide an optimal surface for the next layer, which could result to an uneven finished product. 


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