How To Paint Your Walls After Removing Wallpaper in Phoenix, AZ

How To Paint Your Walls After Removing Wallpaper in Phoenix, AZ 

Wallpapers can be a great alternative for paint, but there’s just nothing that elevates an interior’s overall appeal like paint.

So, if you are looking for a guide on how you can paint your walls after removing wallpaper from your interior, here’s something you will find helpful.

Here’s How To Paint Your Walls After Removing Wallpaper.

1. Remove Glue Stuck On The Walls

After having removed your wallpaper from your walls, it is crucial to check the area for any traces of glue that might still be there.

You should clear up any adhesive that might still be stuck to your wall since, when left on the surface, these can result in an uneven and gross paint finish – which is obviously the opposite of what you’re trying to do in your painting project.

In doing this, you can scrape your walls to get rid of some of the adhesive, but using TSP (trisodium phosphate) for a thorough cleaning will leave your walls with a smooth, glue-free surface.

If you don’t have access to TSP, you can mix vinegar with water and use that solution instead.

If you do have access to TSP, here’s a friendly tip to keep in mind: TSP can be rough on your hands, so make sure to use gloves when using it.

2. Make Sure To Sand The Surface 

After making sure that all immediate signs of stuck glue on your wall are removed, the next step you will want to take would be to sand your surface.

Sanding your surface is important so you can really clean your surface and get some of those stubborn adhesive glues (that TSP wasn’t able to get) off your walls, to ensure a cleaner and smoother paint finish.

However, something to keep in mind when you’re doing this is to not get too carried away when you’re sanding your walls, since you might sand it down too much and make it uneven – which is a different problem entirely.

3. Inspect For Damages And Fix Them Accordingly

After sanding the surface, you should check it for any signs of physical damage and, if you have found any, make the necessary repairs.

In the period that your wallpaper has been up, you might not have seen that damage has already developed and occurred in your walls, which you will only learn about and see after removing the wallpaper from your walls.

So, before you start your painting project, you should do the necessary repairs to any damages that might be on your walls. 

You must keep in mind that no amount of paint or primer will ever be sufficient to hide or cover up any physical damage on a surface, so you should repair them first if you want a clean paint finish.

4. Apply A Coat Of Primer

After inspecting your surface for any signs of damage, it is now time to apply your coat of primer – and you absolutely should not forget this step!

Any painting project will always require using primer, and there are several solid reasons for this:

First of all, a coat of primer will guarantee better paint coverage, which will lead to a more brilliant and colorful paint finish.

Furthermore, adding a coat of primer before your paint will strengthen and increase the durability of your project, which could spare you the trouble of continually repainting and redoing your project.

5. Start Painting!

Once you have finished priming your surface, it is time for you to apply that fresh coat of paint!

And a word of advice for this: when doing so, always start from the top and work your way down.

This way, you won’t get paint drips all over your fresh coat of paint (which might happen if you start from the bottom), and instead, they will flow down surfaces you’ll eventually be covering up as you make your way down!


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