How To Properly Repaint A Damaged Surface in Phoenix, AZ

How To Properly Repaint A Damaged Surface in Phoenix, AZ

When you are working with a damaged surface, it is important that you do the necessary reparative measures first before applying a coat of paint on them.

No amount of paint will ever be able to conceal them all on their own, and applying paint on a damaged surface will just result in an uneven paint finish.

So, if you are currently working with a damaged surface and would like to know how to properly go through the process of repairing and eventually repainting it, here’s something you might want to read.

Here’s How To Properly Repaint A Damaged Surface.

1. Inspect The Surface First

To determine the extent of the damage on your surface, you must ensure to do a thorough inspection of it first.

Inspecting your surface for any other damages is necessary so you can have an idea of how much damage you’re going to be dealing with, thus, you can start brainstorming on how to go through with this project the best way possible.

In doing an inspection, you can also assess whether the damage to your surface is salvageable or something you’ll need to replace entirely, so you won’t waste your time doing a repair and repainting project that will just cut short of your expectations in the end. 

2. Do The Necessary Reparations 

After inspecting your damaged surface, having an overview of how much damage you’re going to be dealing with, and assessing whether this is something salvageable (and the results were positive), you can now move on with your process and actually do the necessary reparations.

Doing these reparations, such as filling up holes or patching up dents is important because you will want to ensure that you have a smooth surface to repaint on, which will ensure a smoother paint finish and essentially a successful repair and repainting project. 

You can do this by using spackle, which is frequently used as putty fillers for small holes or damages, or a joint compound for damages that are rather bigger than your average tiny holes or dents. 

However, it can be confusing to shop for all of these on your own, so if you are not sure of which one to get for your painting project, don’t hesitate to approach a paint professional.

They will happily lead you to the right choices and will know exactly what to tell you if you’re still confused about how to repair the damages on your surface.

3. Clean The Surface 

After ensuring that your surface is properly filled up and smoothened, you will now want to do the next step in surface preparation – which is to clean the surface you’re going to be painting.

Cleaning the surface prior to adding any coat of paint or primer on it is important since, yet again, we will want to ensure that you will have a smoother and cleaner paint finish as a result, which is essentially the marker of a successful painting project.

In doing this, you might want to dust off any debris or remaining putty that might still be on the surface, to ensure that it is clean and ready for a coat of paint. 

4. Add A Layer Of Primer

When you’re done cleaning your surface, you will now want to proceed with your painting proper – however, before anything else, you will need to apply a layer of primer first on your surface.

Primer, as a matter of fact, is an important element in any painting project, and it is even more important in this kind of project.

Since you have just recently fixed and patched up the damages on your surface, you will want to have an extra layer of protection on it, which a coat of primer can conveniently provide.

Additionally, the primer will ensure that your coat of paint will have fuller and better coverage, allowing for a brighter and more vivid paint finish.

5. Repaint Accordingly

Lastly, after ensuring all the steps above, it is now time for you to repaint!

When you are finally applying your coat of paint, a pro tip would be to start painting at the top, to ensure that paint drips won’t be flowing through your fresh coat of paint – which happens when you start at the bottom.

Don’t forget to have fun, and enjoy your newly furnished and painted surface!


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