Interior Paint Colors To Choose From This 2022

Colors did not only lighten our world but also resonated well with human emotions.

In the aspect of interior designing, color has a big role in bringing optimism and style to every nook and space of our homes and workplaces.

So if you are looking for interior paint colors to use for the year 2022, this blog will bring you a list of vivid interior colors that would not only upgrade your homes but may also invite elements of optimism and wellbeing.

Without further delay, here are Interior Paint Colors To Choose From This 2022 in Peoria, AZ 

1. Pantone’s Very Peri

Pantone’s Very Peri, the chosen 2022 Color of the Year for Pantone Color Institute had landed a very special spot for the color trends this year.

As per the words of Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Pantone’s Very Peri is believed to display an effervescent, exuberant attitude and dynamic energy that stimulates bold creativity and innovative expression.

Correspondingly, Laurie Pressman shared that the invention of this wholly new color illustrates the vast possibilities that lay ahead of us.

2. Krylon’s Satin Rolling Surf 

Kylon Satin Rolling Surf, a vibrant teal hue, could be the one that you are looking for in your home.

Being chosen as the brand’s 2022 color of the year, this tone is said to embody stability, balance, and optimism, with a growing emphasis on mindfulness and well-being.

With that being said, this bold and refreshing blue tone is expected to bring a feeling of comfort and calmness to both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your homes.

3. Benjamin Moore’s October Mist 1495

October Mist, a botanical shade, is inspired by the mild green of a flower stem which serves as the reference point for the brand’s larger color trends palette for 2022.

This color trend palette includes 14 nature-inspired colors, including bright primary colors,  warm earth tones, and tinted off-whites.

This color collection may be suitable for individuals who are seeking to use several colors for their homes as this reflect a natural balance of colors that also encourages new paint mixes for any paint project.

4. Minwax’s Gentle Olive

For individuals who are trying to upgrade their homes to a classic yet sporting a nature-loving theme, the Gentle Olive could be the perfect one for you.

The Gentle Olive is a smooth sage with gray undertones that is believed to invite a soothing ambiance in the different parts of our homes, attuned to its connection to the restorative qualities and wellness of nature. 

Gentle Olive is noted to enhance the natural beauty of the wood when applied to decorative items, cabinetry, furniture, and others. 

5. Warm Neutrals

These shades are also one of the best color trends to try this year.

As shared by Libby Rawes, these colors are believed to convey neutrality and are best paired with dusty blush, rich rust velvet, and warm woods. 

The shades of bright neutrals will surely not fail in adding character and timeless depth to your interiors. 

6. Dunn-Edwards’ Art and Craft

Art and Craft DET 682, the chosen Color of the Year 2022 by Dunn-Edwards is taking the path of reclaiming the back-to-nature trend in interior design. 

This color exhibits a warm and earthy shade that evokes the richness of walnut wood and offers a soothing grounding effect.

As per Sara McLean, a stylist for Dunn Edwards, the color is genuinely a down-to-earth tone that represents stability, comfort, and serenity, things that we all desire. 

7. Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog is an elegant hue that may be used for interiors that desires a subtle yet striking statement color tone.

This color may inspire and evoke emotions of starting again and may be an excellent choice for both modern interiors and exteriors.

The gray-green organic shade of this color is also believed to provide a warm greeting in foyers, create a sense of peace and calm in bedrooms or baths, and infuse restorative energy into the common areas of your homes.


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