Interior Painting: Scandinavian-Inspired Colors To Choose From in Phoenix, AZ

Have you heard about the Scandinavian style of interior design?

It may sound so simple and easy with an all-white and minimal palette, but this theme will make your room clean and cozy given by the soft color palette.

The shades of nature have a great impact on the mood and atmosphere within the place.

Try this palette and get your paint and brushes out – get ready for an extreme makeover and transformation you’ll definitely feast your eyes over after it’s finished!

So, to help you realize your newest painting project, here’s Interior Painting: Scandinavian-Inspired Colors To Choose From in Phoenix, AZ.

1. Whites

Starting with white with various shades that are bright and luxurious will make your room cozy, modern, and clean.

This will reflect the natural light that comes inside your room and will surely work if you have many windows.

Plus, this color matches almost every color, style, and design of your personal choices.

2. Grays

Some designers do not advise picking this as your wall background because it connotes a negative effect to your mood, so they encourage you to choose and try another color.

However, do not count this color out so quickly – when paired with the right elements and done tastefully, gray can easily transform your space into a minimalist and modern space.

Just experiment and have fun matching this color with any shade until you find your personal choice plus unlocking your creativity by just your imagination and planning.

3. Pinks

If you are into the peachy look, this rosy shade is perfect for you.

Pink works perfectly and beautifully with darker tones of gold, greens, and wood colors that create a vintage look plus a cozy feeling.

This is also good for bedrooms to help you fall asleep and rest very well.

4. Blues

Scandinavian style is also known for muted, dusty, or faded light blue nuances that add coolness and tranquility to the environment.

In short, you can use this style, particularly, this color for smaller rooms with accent walls.

5. Blacks

The traditional Scandinavian palette is known for being all-white or all-bright colors, but there are also some touches of black to create a balanced color.

Paint your trims and other carved corners with black or darker shades that can be noticed from afar.

In retrospect, black just gives that much-needed rhythm and aesthetics to your space.

6. Beige

Warmer and softer tones, such as beige, add brightness and coziness to a room and at the same time, the feeling of modernity and a luxurious environment.

It is simple, iconic, clean, and better with natural light.

Beige is one of the best colors that can be used for almost everything including walls, ceilings, trims, pillars, and even furniture and decorations.

Try this paint color to make a traditional Scandinavian style!

7. Light Brown

Brown is an earthy and natural color that gives a natural feeling for you.

Similar to wood, coffee, chocolate, walnut, and other natural colors, this will surely make your space so cozy, refreshing, and aesthetic with different decorations and accessories installed on the walls and ceilings.

8. Greens

Shades of green such as bright lime and emeralds are not the type of greens you will need for this interior design.

The greens here are sage, mint, green tea, and muted greens that are perfect for background, accent walls, wood walls, furniture, and other decorations.

This gives a natural feeling when you are trying to invite nature in.

9. Yellows

Soft and pastel shades of yellow are good to represent the brightness of the sun.

This color is not just about modernity but also gives energy and positive vibes to every person within the room.

Paint your trims or pillars with muted or undertone yellows to create a feeling of the sun’s rays radiating from outside.


The Scandinavian theme is so popular that you can see this style on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and the whole internet in general.

You saw and want to try it, however, you’re thinking if you can pull it off.

Do not worry too much, just ask for assistance from the professional or from your friends who have knowledge about this style.

Those colors listed above are there to guide and inspire you to try them out – just make sure that you follow all necessary painting protocols, and you are off to a good painting project!


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