Living Room Painting Tips To Reduce Mess in Peoria, AZ

Living Room Painting Tips To Reduce Mess in Peoria, AZ

In any painting project, the mess is always almost inevitable – it’s just the natural tendency when you are working with paint.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any pictures or tips that you could take in order to significantly avoid making a mess in your painting project.

So, if you are currently doing a living room painting project, and would like to know how to keep the mess as minimal as possible, here’s something for you.

Here are Living Room Painting Tips To Reduce Mess.

1. Clear Your Living Room Area

In order to avoid a mess in your living room painting project, you should clear the area ahead of time.

Clearing your living room area prior to your painting project will get you to free up as much space as possible for you to freely move into as you paint your living room, which will be beneficial for two reasons.

First, it is beneficial because a painting project tends to have a lot of movements and activities involved, so if you have a free year space to move into, you can quickly go through with your painting project without that many delays, distractions, and obstructions.

Also freeing up as much space possible in your living room area when you’re painting the room significantly reduces your risk of suddenly slipping or tripping over some clutter in your floor – which can potentially lead to a big mess, especially if you are handling or working with paint.

In doing this, you will want to temporarily relocate any furniture, appliances, decorations, furnishings, or anything that you might have in your living room area, and store them somewhere safe.

2. Ensure To Cover With Dropcloths

When you are clearing up your living room area, you will discover that some of the things that are in there you cannot remove – such as cabinets fixed on the wall, hanging shelves, or a TV set that is mounted.

These are called your living room fixtures, and in order to avoid getting mess all over them you will want to cover them up with drop cloths.

Paint splashes and drips are inevitable in almost any painting project, so to avoid getting these all over your living room fixtures (which will just result in the exact kind of mess that you are trying to avoid), you should ensure to cover them up with drop cloths.

Preferably you should buy a canvas-type dropcloth when you are shopping for one, so that paint won’t see through them and possibly stain your fixtures – which will then render the purpose of dropcloths useless!

3. Do Proper Surface Preparation

To avoid making a mess in your painting project, you should ensure to do proper surface preparation.

The proper surface preparation process includes inspecting your surface for any damage that might have happened over time, repairing them accordingly if you have found any, and making sure that your surface is clean, smooth, and even.

Skipping surface preparation will just result in a paint finish that will be messy and ugly, one that will be a hassle to fix and will just double your expense and effort.

So to avoid falling under this unfortunate circumstance, keep this tip in mind.

4. Put A Tape On Your Can

One thing that you may not know about avoiding mass in your painting project would be to put the tape over your can’s lid.

This is so you can wipe off the excess paint when you are dipping your brush on the tape instead of wiping it on the edge of your container, which tends to flow down and stain your floors – resulting in the exact kind of mess you were trying to avoid in the first place!

In doing this, you should put a tape on the middle of your paint can and wipe off the excess paint there – this way, you do not only avoid mess, but you also conserve paint; as the paint will just drip back to your container!


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