Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Bedroom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Bedroom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

While doing a bedroom cabinet painting project is pretty easy and straightforward, going into it without the necessary knowledge to do such a project is an attitude that will lead you straight to a failed one. 

Prior to any painting project, it is important that you acquaint yourself first with any do’s and don’ts you should be looking out for, to ensure that your project goes well.

So, if you have been scouring the internet looking for blogs and articles to help equip you for your upcoming painting project, here’s something perfect for you!

Without further ado, here are Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Bedroom Cabinets.

1. Skipping the Preparation Stage

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in doing a bedroom cabinet painting project would be to skip the preparation process prior to your painting project.

In this phase, you are ensuring that your project runs smoothly, with little to no complications or difficulties, and that you are on a sure road to success. 

When you skip the necessary preparation process prior to your bedroom cabinet painting project, chances are you are leading yourself to failure – which is completely unavoidable if you would not forget to prepare properly beforehand!

To start, you need to think of all the materials you’ll need to complete the project and gather them, the colors you’ll want to use for the project, when will be the best time to schedule this project, and many other related preparations.

2. Choosing the Wrong Paint

In any painting project, you will be designated to a certain type of paint specially formulated for the type of surface and the kind of project you are taking on – and your latest bedroom cabinet painting project is not an exception to this.

So, in preparing for your bedroom cabinet painting project, you should see to it that you acquire the right kind of paint for the project. 

Many people often overlook the importance of acquiring the right kind of paint for their respective painting projects, and this mistake can be costly, since this can lead to paint problems such as chipping, peeling, or uneven finishes.

So, when shopping for paint, make sure to check the label first to see if it’s the right variation for your bedroom cabinets, or if you’re having a hard time doing this all on your own, approach a paint professional and ask for their help.

3. Neglecting Proper Ventilation

A mistake that would be very easy to overlook and commit in doing a bedroom cabinet painting project (or a painting project in general) would be neglecting proper ventilation.

Ensuring proper ventilation in the room you are painting is important since paint formulas tend to emit strong fumes, which can be irritating to the nose and could also possibly pose health risks.

Additionally, failure to provide adequate airflow can result in slow drying times, and eventually cause further paint damage to your coat of paint – which might be a hassle to take care of. 

So, to avoid these, ensure to establish proper ventilation when you’re painting your bedroom cabinets – you can do this by opening windows and utilizing fans to keep the air circulating.

If you have the option to remove your cabinets from your bedroom interior, you could also consider painting the cabinets outdoors or in a well-ventilated area to ensure maximum ventilation and essentially successful painting results.

4. Forgetting To Use Drop Cloths and Painter’s Tape

In any cabinet painting project, you should never forget to employ the use of drop cloths and painter’s tape in your project, because these are tools necessary to ensure great results for your project.

First, drop cloths will be essential to your bedroom cabinet painting project since paint drips and spills will eventually happen in the middle of your project, causing a mess in your space – which is a problem drop cloths can conveniently prevent for you.

You can use drop cloths to cover necessary areas in your bedroom such as the space beneath your cabinets, the area near your cabinets, or any other fixtures that you cannot move out of the way that you don’t want paint on. 

Additionally, it will be hard to paint over the corners and crevices of your cabinets without getting the paint all over the place, which is why using painter’s tape will be important to ensure that you get seamless and clean-cut borders for your edges. 

Just remember to not let it on for too long on your surface, or else it might peel away some of your fresh coat of paint when you finally remove them!


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