Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Fences in Peoria, AZ

Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Fences in Peoria, AZ

While a fence painting project may sound easy breezy, it is still very easy for you to set yourself up for failure if you’re not careful to look out for mistakes that you should avoid. 

So, if you want to know what are these mistakes you have to avoid in your fence painting project, here’s something you will find helpful. 

Here are the Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Fences.

1. Not Doing Proper Surface Preparation

In painting your fences, a crucial mistake that you shouldn’t make would be to skip proper surface preparation.

Proper surface preparation involves cleaning the area or the surface you’re planning to paint, inspecting it for any signs of damage or cracks, and repairing them accordingly, if any, before applying any coat of paint on them.

In your fence painting project, it is even more important that you do proper surface preparation because your fences are essentially outside your home, and they will inevitably have some build-up of dirt on them or even signs of wear and tear that may have happened over time. 

You will want to ensure that your fences are clean and smooth first before you apply your first coat of paint on them. 

A failure to do so will just result in a nasty paint finish and an overall abysmal painting job – which will just waste your expense and effort. 

2. Not Clearing The Area Near Your Fences

When you’re painting your fences, you should remember to clear the area near your fences, since you will want to allot more space to move into as you go on with your painting project.

Clearing the area near your fences involves temporarily removing any exterior fixtures or decorations near your fences, or temporarily relocating any nearby plants or shrubbery growing near your fences.

This is important to ensure that nothing goes in your way of painting your fences and that your painting process will run smoothly and easily. 

3. Getting The Wrong Kind of Paint

In painting your fences, another mistake that you might need to look out for would be getting the wrong kind of paint. 

In any painting project, you will need to acquire a certain kind of paint formula fit for that project – an interior painting project will require paint specially formulated for indoors the same way that an exterior painting project will require paint fit for outdoors, and your fence painting project isn’t an exception to this.

If you have wooden fences at home, an oil-based paint will be your best choice.

For metal fences, you should get an enamel-based paint since it will provide you with better coverage.

However, if you’re still not sure of which paint to get for the fences you have at home, you should consult with a paint professional to help you with your dilemma. 

4. Forgetting To Check Weather Conditions Ahead of Time

Another crucial mistake that you shouldn’t be making when you’re painting your fences would be to forget to check the weather conditions ahead of time. 

Your fences are essentially outside of your home, so the weather will play a huge role in your painting project.

You won’t be able to paint in the rain, for obvious reasons, so you will need to look out for rainy days.

Additionally, you won’t want to paint on a scorching hot day, because aside from the fact that it’ll be uncomfortable to paint under the heat, the intense humidity might also ruin your coat of paint, and result in a bad paint finish. 

Ideally, you would want to paint on a clear, dry day, for the best results. 

5. Forgetting Primer

Lastly, when you’re painting your fences, you should not forget to use a primer.

Primer will make sure that your coat of paint will adhere better to your surface, that it will have a more vibrant paint finish, and that it will last relatively longer and be more durable. 


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