Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ

Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ

As parents, one of the most exciting things that we get to do for our children would be to build their own haven and safe space – their bedroom.

So, it is only natural for us parents to be wary of committing any painting mistakes in the process.

If you’re here because you’d like to ensure that your painting project goes well, here’s something that you will find helpful.

Here are the Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom.

1. Not Having A Theme In Mind 

When you are painting your kid’s bedroom, it is important that you already have a theme in mind, because this will make your job of painting your kid’s bedroom much easier.

When you have a theme in mind, it will be much easier for you to narrow down your choices when it comes to your painting materials, such as your paint color, paint brushes or rollers, primer, and many other essentials that you may need to complete your painting project.

For example, when you’ve ultimately chosen a simplistic, single-colored theme, then you will know that you will not need fine brushes to draw or create shapes with and could just opt to buy rollers since they can do the job according to your chosen theme in mind.

In retrospect, your chosen theme will determine what set of painting materials you will need to buy, and it is important that you get this settled first before stepping foot into the paint store. 

2. Forgetting To Buy No-VOC Paint

Because the space is essential for your children, one mistake that you absolutely should not make is to forget to buy a no-VOC type of paint.

VOC or volatile organic compounds, are ingredients that can be found in paint that are harmful to one’s overall health when exposed to it.

It is important that you ensure to buy a no-VOC type of paint because this can be extremely harmful to your kid’s health, especially since these compounds can stay long in a space even after you have already finished painting.

However, if you’re unsure of which paint is a no-VOC type of paint, you should not be shy to ask a paint professional regarding this – they’ll surely be happy to help!

3. Not Having A Semi-Gloss Paint Finish

While having kids is definitely a delight, it is certainly not a walk in the park; kids will be kids, and they will definitely be messy.

So, when you’re shopping for paint materials to use for your kid’s bedroom, one mistake that you should not make would be to not buy a semi-gloss paint finish. 

Getting your kid a space of their own, such as their bedroom, will definitely put your walls at risk for doodles, scribbles, drawings, and everything that can result from a kid with a permanent marker and an active imagination.

So, having a semi-gloss finish will be convenient in this instance, since you can just wipe your walls clean. 

4. Not Including Your Kid In The Process

Lastly, another mortal sin that you could commit when you’re painting your kid’s bedroom would be not including your kid in the creative process of the project.

The project is basically for your kid, so it is just correct and rightful for you to include your kid in the process.

Ask them what they would want to see in their bedroom, which colors would they prefer to have, what elements or furniture they would like to see reflected in their space, and basically just ask them what they want for their bedroom.

In this process, you do not only help your kid in developing their cognitive and decision-making skills, but you’re also strengthening your bond with them – talk about great parenting!


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