October’s Color of The Month

October’s Color of The Month: Auburn

This month’s color of the month is something along the auburn spectrum. Auburn is a versatile color that’s both deep and lively.

Auburn, with its warm and opulent richness, possesses a unique ability to transport spaces into a realm of Old-World grandeur, creating an ambiance that transcends the limitations of time. When applied in great rooms, it infuses them with an unmistakable sense of classical splendor. This regal quality that auburn exudes feels incredibly timeless, making it a versatile choice for those seeking to create spaces that are both sophisticated and enduring.

Even in smaller spaces, auburn proves its adaptability and charm. It bestows upon them a welcome infusion of color, invigorating the surroundings without overpowering them. The result is an environment that feels cozy, yet far from diminutive, thanks to the revitalizing qualities of auburn.

Auburn’s versatility extends to its compatibility with a range of complementary shades. When used in combination with colors such as navy, gold, and rust, auburn finds itself in good company, creating harmonious and visually striking palettes. These combinations can be tailored to suit various design preferences, whether you’re aiming for an opulent and regal feel or a more eclectic and contemporary vibe.

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