Paint Color Themes For Your Living Room This 2022 In Phoenix, AZ

As we move into the second half of this year, it would also be great to have a change in scenery – perhaps, transform your living room?

Your living room’s appearance and overall appeal are entirely up to you, but it does get confusing and overwhelming having to choose a brand new paint color palette and theme to incorporate into your living room. 

So, if you’re here because you want to find and pick the perfect look for your living room that will match your style and taste, here’s something you will find helpful.

Here are Paint Color Themes For Your Living Room This 2022.

Modern Style

Understandably, living rooms don’t always have to be vibrant and colorful – there is beauty in simplicity.

If you’re the type who appreciates simplicity, minimalism, and just a sleek and clean look, a modern style will surely be a perfect match for your living room.

Colors usually used to pull this theme off are black and white because they undeniably give off that sleek and minimalist appeal that you look for in a modern-themed living room. 

You should consider painting your walls white and incorporating black for trims and accents to have a sleek, clean, and minimalist look and appeal to your living room. n

Beachside Theme

If you want to have a taste of living near the beach, a beachside theme will be perfect for you.

To achieve this, you could use varying shades of blue, such as pastel blues and turquoise, as they are coastal color schemes that could help you achieve that ocean feel in your living room. 

Pink and yellow shades could also be incorporated into this theme to add warmth to the space, such as coral pink or sand, to fully capture that beachside theme in your living room. 

Cottage Style

A cottage-style living room will create a cozy environment perfect for a relaxation area for a workaholic person.

White walls with navy blue and the burgundy pattern will keep the classical effects of the room.

Also, a sprinkle of floral patterns to make it a little bohemian type of theme.

Have a taste of the countryside life by having this theme into your living room – you’ll definitely appreciate the tranquility it will bring you!

Contemporary Color Schemes

If you’re not into grand, colorful themes and want a more neutral and cool appeal for your living room, you can try a contemporary color scheme.

To achieve a contemporary design, try cool gray walls with blue tones for your living room; these pairs will surely give a modern style to the place.

Also, soft white will give warmth to the place with a wood coffee table to add some touch of nature.

Garden Inspired

If you want to feel nature in your own living room, a garden-inspired living room will be the perfect style for you.

A garden-inspired palette will give you an earthy vibe, such as beige, greens, and some warm colors in there, such as oranges and pinks, to provide you with that overall garden feels in your living room. 

To even amp up on this living room theme, you can also put plants all over your living room, so you can literally bring the outdoors, indoors – just make sure that when you do, you take care of them accordingly and see to it that they receive enough water and sunlight. 


There are many options to choose from to achieve the living room style with your personal preferences.

Just go with the one that truly makes your heart flutter, so you can be sure that you’ll end up with a design that will perfectly match your taste and style!


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