Paint Colors That Will Help You Sell Your Home in Phoenix, AZ

Buying a home can be a stressful journey when you walk through house after house with outdated paint and trim and it can be hard to see past the unattractive walls to what it can become.

That’s why painting your home before putting it on the market can increase the resale value but also attract potential buyers more quickly.

Having a color concept that flows nicely through the home will inspire those walking through it to place an offer and neutral tones are at the top of the list for versatility, but certain colors might be a deterrent rather than a motivator.

To avoid that issue, check out these paint colors that will help you sell your home in Phoenix, AZ.


One of the current popular colors of interior paint, gray can create a neutral, clean slate in your home.

Regardless of which room you’re painting, or if you decide to do the entire house, a gray shade can cool things down and make even an empty home feel cozy and ready for new furniture.

Lighter gray tones lend well to the farmhouse style while a bolder gray can fit well with a more modern aesthetic as well. 

You can even opt to mix the two by either showcasing a darker accent wall or painting the ceiling.


A mix of gray and brown, taupe offers a shade that can be versatile and shift slightly when the accents are added to a room.

Having a color that can adapt to the furnishings or window treatments can help a potential buyer feel more of a move-in-ready vibe that encourages them to choose your home over others.

Many neutrals can favor a cooler color scheme or undertone, but taupe offers a warm tone that lends to a feeling of welcome in a home that will seem anything but when it is empty.


One of the best reasons to go with beige is that it has been in the mix of popular colors for decades and this adds a touch of confidence in a buyer that their decor will fit into the home seamlessly.

Another warm color, beige will reflect lamplight to fill a home with comfort and give the new owner an immediate sense of belonging as soon as they unpack.

There are dozens of hues to choose from and the color is adaptable to various finishes and textures.


Lastly, we come to the tried-and-true color that homeowners have turned to for as long as one can remember — white.

When you think of clean, pure spaces, you can’t get better than a white that reflects light, brightens a room and will be great at showcasing every accent color choice.

The best thing about white is that you can choose it alongside the other three shades on this list because white is an amazing color for cabinetry, shelving and trim.

Paired with gray, taupe or beige, white can really create a stunning look that simply begs a prospective buyer to put an offer in right away. 

These neutral color schemes will guide buyers through your home, staged or empty, to see it not only as it is but with the imagination of what it will be once they have the keys.

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