Painting For an Open Floorplan in Peoria, AZ

The days of the formal sitting and dining rooms seem to be in the past as contemporary designs favor an open concept in which the main rooms are not separated by walls.

This is a light, airy style and many are embracing the freedom from confined spaces but how do you paint for three formerly separate rooms that may have a variety of themes — do you have to stick to one fashion, or can you keep them different?

The great news is that you have options and creating a positive flow through these spaces is easier than you might think.

Read on to learn more about painting for an open floorplan in Peoria, AZ.

Separate the Areas of the Room by Ceiling

Walking into a home with a bulk of the ground floor immediately visible, you can add a splash of color above each section to give the area a definitive line without having to call too much attention to it.

Regardless of the choice to paint the patches in matching or different colors, adding a coat of paint above the living and dining areas features each spot nicely.

Taking care to ensure there is a border of white or neutral ceiling paint around these focal spots really makes them pop and draws the eye without being overwhelming.

Have a Consistent Accent Color

If you choose to paint the walls for each area separately and add a strip of vertical trim, you can still tie things together while not making the three rooms disappear into one another.

Using an accent color that runs through all the spaces regardless of wall hue will draw attention to the time you’ve taken to showcase your style with flair.

For example, yellow paint that pairs with each wall tone can be used throughout the space in a variety of ways from accent furniture, pillow covers, tabletop decor, and picture frames to unify the rooms without losing their individuality.

This works well in different themes, too — think of a yellow sunflower piece of wall art in a farmhouse living space, yellow dishes on a display by the dining table, and a lemon theme in the kitchen.

Go For a Bold Ombre

If you take your favorite paint color and get three different saturations, you can separate the spaces by boldness — starting at the end of your focal choice.

A lovely, dark blue in the living room with a medium blue dining area and light blue kitchen looks like a fluid space with definite areas.

The fun aspect of this is the choice of hard or soft lines — you can opt for a blunt line between each shade or blend them into each other for a softer look.

You can even incorporate an accent color into this paint scheme as well!

Don’t Settle on One Finish

Satin, gloss, matte, semi-gloss — why not have a variety?

As different paint finishes are better for different locations, you can use this as a way of keeping to one shade but still differentiating between each space.

A lovely matte shade in the living room can be next to a satin in the dining room and a semi-gloss in the kitchen — and you can add texture to each of these finishes for an extra emphasis.

Trim it Up

Lastly, you can tie together the designs or themes in these spaces with an overall trim style that is consistent throughout.

Whether you opt for a painted trim or a well-stained hardwood, the same trim will bring it all together and create a complete sense of your style that guests will notice when they enter your home.

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