Painting Your Bathroom With Lesser Mess in Phoenix, AZ

Painting Your Bathroom With Lesser Mess in Phoenix, AZ

One thing that always discourages most people from doing a painting project is the tedious and hassling task of cleaning up the mess after painting.

When you’re working with paint, drips, spills, or splatters are just naturally bound to happen, no matter how careful or skilled you are!

But, this is not to say that mess is completely unavoidable in any painting project, since with the right tricks and tips at hand, one can successfully reduce the mess in their painting project!

So, if you are currently thinking of painting your bathroom and would like to minimize mess as much as possible, here’s something you should read!

Check out this guide to Painting Your Bathroom With Lesser Mess.

1. Preparation is Key

In order to ensure that your bathroom painting project won’t result in a hot mess, preparation will be a necessary and crucial factor that you must adhere to.

Doing this can be separated into two processes: preparing your bathroom area, and doing proper surface preparation.

In preparing your bathroom area, you’ll start by removing all items from your bathroom, such as any furniture, decoration, or bathroom essentials such as shower curtains, towels, and rugs, among other related things.

This is important to remove all possible obstructions from the space, which might lead to the kind of mess you’re trying to avoid in your project.

Just imagine tripping or slipping over some form of clutter in your bathroom area as you are transporting or handling paint – it’s just going to be a nightmare!

Then, you’ll want to prepare your bathroom surface for a fresh coat of paint, which you can do by scrubbing any muck or grime present in your bathroom walls.

Additionally, you should inspect your bathroom interior for any signs of damage, and get the necessary repairs for them if there are any.

Skipping proper surface preparation will just result in an uneven, ugly, and overall messy paint finish – which is something you’re trying to avoid in the first place!

2. Dry Your Floors Accordingly

Drying your bathroom floors will also be crucial to avoid any slip-ups or accidents that could result in a mess in your painting project.

Since you are going to be painting your bathroom, the place will be in proximity to water, which tends to be slippery and can lead to the kind of mess you’re looking to avoid.

Additionally, aside from your bathroom walls, your floors might have also acquired a film of muck and grime over time, which tend to also be slippery.

Thus, prior to your painting project, make sure to scrub your floors clean and dry them completely. 

3. Disable Electrical Devices

Your bathroom will have all kinds of devices that run on electricity; such as your bathroom lamps, lighting, shower heater, blower, and other electrical devices that you might have in the area.

Thus, prior to your painting project, make sure to temporarily disable these devices to not only avoid any potential mess in your project but to also keep yourself safe from accidents.

If you’re not that knowledgeable on how to handle electricity, don’t put yourself at risk – contact a paint professional to do this for you instead. 

4. Use Drop Cloths 

For your bathroom fixtures such as your toilet, bathtub, or sink, you’ll want to cover them up with drop cloths. 

No matter how careful we are, paint drips and spills are bound to happen in our project – this is just the natural tendency when working with paint – so using drop cloths will be a great intervention for this.

To ensure that your fixtures get secured protection from drips and spills, get a canvas-type drop cloth, as this is the type of fabric that doesn’t let paint seep through it. 


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