Painting Your Bedroom: Color Schemes For Teenagers In Peoria, AZ

Are you a parent of a kid growing up into a teen, perhaps faster than you would have anticipated?

Having a teenager in the house is a lot more different and challenging than having them as kids, and one of the most noticeable changes you’ll notice in them, aside from their physical traits, is their interests.

With this dilemma, it will pose to be a challenge to design and paint their bedrooms – the favorites that you have known them to like may have changed by now.

So, if you’re here trying to save yourself from a heated screaming fight with your teenager because they did not like how you painted their room, we have your back.

Here’s Painting Your Bedroom: Color Schemes For Teenagers.

Jade Green And Fuchsia

In painting your teenager’s bedroom, you can consider the combination of the earthy jade green and the peppy and striking fuschia, which when put together, creates a great balance and harmony in a kitchen.

You can paint your walls jade green, which will be great since it will make your room feel relaxing because it is reminiscent of nature.

To add contrast and a splash of color to your jade green, different shades of fuchsia can be painted on your ceiling trims.

When combined, these cool and warm colors are perfect together to create richness, depth, and youthful vibes within the room.

Beige And Orange

To create a warm and dandy feeling, you can combine the dandy orange with the muted and cool beige, to create that perfect warm-toned paradise. 

This combination is a mix of two warm colors, so you need to be wary of overdoing it – as a suggestion, you should choose a shade of orange that is not too shiny or light to the eyes, and pair it accordingly with your beige color.

You can paint the room with a cool and sleek shade of beige, and add touches of warmth there by painting your trims with orange and adding accents of orange all over the room. 

Peach And Gold

Peach is a very nostalgic color – a reminder of the once serene and hippy 90s – and when paired with gold, you can create the vintage paradise your teenage child will surely love!

Because both are warm colors, this color scheme will fare well in a room with lots of windows – so you can drench the bedroom in that beautiful sunlight, creating this honey-like glow into the space.

They surely will be thanking you for creating such a magical space for them!

Wood and White

A Scandinavian-inspired theme is also a good idea for a teenager’s bedroom because of its clean and relaxing setting, which is trendy among teenagers!

So, in designing your teenager’s bedroom, you might want to consider pairing the simple and clean color of white with the warm accents of wood – which creates that beautiful harmony between the two elements.

Adding wood into a white interior gives it that warmth and looks effortlessly chic and clean – which your teenager will definitely appreciate. 

In adding wood elements into their bedroom, you can opt to put open wooden shelves on their walls or incorporate rattan chairs and tables into their bedroom.

They will not only be beautiful to see, but they will also greatly help your teenager’s day-to-day tasks and activities!


It may be hard to change a kid’s bedroom into a teenager’s room, considering many things such as their interest.

But it is not impossible, just find the perfect color palette for them, which both of you will surely appreciate.

The important thing in designing their bedroom is for you to also take in their input, since they are maturing into young adults and want to form and make their own decisions.

In the process, you do not only get to know them better on their road to adolescence, but you also strengthen your relationship and bond in the process!


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