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Nothing brings a home to life like a fresh paint job from an expert house painting services contractor. If you’re looking for painters in Tempe, Arizona, we’re your go-to source.

At Prime Painting, we can complete any painting project, including walls, trims, doors, accents, fences, repairs, decks, garage floors, RV gates, and more. Call us today!

Why Choose Our House Painters In Tempe, AZ?

Selecting a professional painter for your home is a huge decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Every painting contractor on our team has ample experience with interior and exterior surfaces. When you work with our team, you can rely on the following:

Licensed and trained professionals: Every contractor on our team has the necessary licensing, certifications, insurance, and training to provide stunning professional results.

Transparent pricing: We offer a quote upfront, and we’ll stick to it. We believe every home deserves to shine, so we strive to provide affordable painting services for everyone.


High-quality results: After hiring our team, you won’t find a single drip, stain, or discoloration. Our results speak for themselves.

Strict schedule adherence: We understand you’re busy and don’t want to deal with painters in your home for weeks. We’ll tell you the timeline upfront and finish on or before that date.

Excellent communication and support: Your satisfaction is our priority. We will communicate with you throughout the process and answer any questions or concerns you have.

Rely On Our Industry-Leading Exterior Painters In Tempe

Your home’s exterior paint directly affects its curb appeal and value. Even if your home is 40 years old, a fresh coat of paint can make it look brand new. Our exterior painting services include everything from power-washing the dingy stains away to applying fresh caulking, priming, and paint.

Aside from the exterior walls, we also provide the following exterior painting job services:

  • Deck and fence painting

  • Garage floor coating

  • Drywall repairs

  • Stucco repairs and painting

  • Wood repairs and painting

Every home will receive a 2500-psi power-washing treatment to remove dirt and debris. Next, we will replace damaged areas and fill in any cracks before applying paint.

Our painters in Tempe will cover windows, screens, lights, walkways, patios, and other surfaces to ensure that the paint only reaches the right areas. Each surface will receive

Are You Looking For High-Quality Interior Painters In Tempe?

Painting isn’t just a job; it makes you feel better! Isn’t it amazing how good a freshly painted home can feel? Whether you are thinking about painting the inside or exterior of your Tempe home, a fresh coat of paint looks better and makes you feel better. Think of it as a new outfit or new pair of pants. And with the harsh summer rays of Arizona, your exterior paint doesn’t last long. We are repainting houses now in Tempe that are less than 10 years old! Builders have been using cheap quality paint that is now fading, peeling, and drying up the structure of your building.

Interior paint jobs transform dark rooms into vibrant spaces. Our interior painting services include walls, ceilings, doors, trims, accent walls, re-texturing, repairs, and stain removals. We work on a room-to-room basis, so you can still live in your home while our team operates in just one space.

We typically use roll-on paint inside so that we can prevent over-spraying. Our team uses plastic coverings, drop clothes, and precise movements to ensure that all valuables, carpets, flooring, and other surfaces remain paint-free. The final product will feature razor-sharp lines, clean edges, and perfectly even finishes.

At Prime Painting, we only use the highest quality paints, like Dunn Edwards, and guarantee the longevity and quality of each painting job. If you are looking for an experienced painting crew with loads of happy customers and a professional crew, give Prime Painting a call, tweet, or email. We would love to discuss your project carefully and make sure our pricing is extremely competitive and the quality top-notch. If you aren’t ready to paint your Tempe home’s exterior or interior, then follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see the jobs we are doing in your neighborhood!

Whether you need interior or exterior painters in Tempe, AZ, we’re here to help. Call our team at Prime Painting today at (480) 568-1985 to schedule a quote.

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