Pros And Cons Of Common Paint Finishes In Phoenix, AZ

Paint finishes will help you with the final look of your wall!

Various types of paint finishes are available and can be used for your room; however, it is difficult to decide because you have to consider many things.

You have to choose the best paint finish for a specific room; it is recommendable for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, and children’s room.

But before that, you need to research the advantages and disadvantages of the paint finishes to choose the best and avoid the worst.

This blog will tell you more about some of the Pros And Cons Of Common Paint Finishes In Phoenix, AZ.

1. High-Gloss Paint Finish

70% To 89% Gloss

Pros: The durability of this paint finish will surely shock you because it lasts—thus, it is very budget-friendly and will surely help you save your energy and time.

A high-gloss paint finish is good for humid areas and is very easy to clean, which is the best for bathrooms and kitchens.

Cons: However, imperfections present on the surface will be visible, so it is a need for you to put extra effort and work into cleaning and making your wall smoother.

Before painting your wall, you must sand properly, and when painting, layers of coats to hide those imperfections are needed if you want a perfect final look.

2. Semi-Gloss Paint Finish

41% To 69% Gloss

Pros: The semi-gloss paint finish is good for doors, windows, trim, kitchens, and especially the bathroom where you want a shiny or glossy wall for aesthetics.

This type of gloss is highly resistant to moisture; that’s why it is recommendable for the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry areas where moisture is likely to happen because the use of water is necessary.

Also, you will be able to clean it easily because of its smooth texture.

Cons: The only problem with this paint finish is that it will reveal the flaws of your painted wall, such as imperfect brushstrokes and uneven coverage of paint.

3. Satin Paint Finish

26% To 40% Gloss

Pros: The best choice for trims of the rooms with a matte-finished wall, because it can be cleaned easily.

Also, this is good for the children’s room and their playing area in which they tend to draw, paint and do other mess.

Not just that, other rooms where activities are likely to be done are also not exempted from this kind of paint finish.

Cons: However, the satin paint finish doesn’t work well with touch-ups.

Thus, you better use this for trims, and not advisable to use it for a final look for your walls or ceilings.

4. Eggshell Paint Finish

10% To 25% Gloss

Pros: Eggshell paint finishes are washable, thus making it very easy to clean.

You can apply this to children’s rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and other areas prone to dirt and debris since it will not take a lot of time to clean.

Plus, this finish offers protection.

Cons: This is not recommended when you or your painter is trying to retouch the surface.

5. Flat or Matte Paint Finish

Flat – 0% To 4% Gloss and Matte – 5% To 9% Gloss

Pros: Flat or Matte paint finish is one of the most popular types because of its simple but appealing look, and it makes your wall color look and feels more solid.

Matte aims to hide the flaws and imperfections of your wall, which is recommended for your living room, dining room, and bedroom.

Aside from that, you can also use this in finishing your ceiling to make it more visually appealing.

Cons: These paint finishes are not good for mess-prone places like children’s rooms and kitchens where dirt is unavoidable.

Some flat or matte finishes don’t offer protection from any unnecessary debris on the wall; you have to search for one that has this function.

So, wisely pick a better place for a better paint finish!


Paint finishes just really tie up and finish the look of your painting project, so you must consider this.

Take into account the result, whether you want it to be flat, glossy, or shiny—because these options will surely make the best transformation for your room.

But always remember to ask for help from the experts or an acquaintance or a friend who knows paint finishes to avoid mistakes and get the best result you want to achieve.


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