Pros and Cons of Using Dark Paint For Your Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ

Pros and Cons of Using Dark Paint For Your Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ.

Choosing a color to paint your bedroom is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make during the painting process – the color alone determines the vibe and mood you’ll be creating, as well as what kind of color scheme and palette you’ll be able to incorporate into it to create a more cohesive appeal.

With this in mind, many would advise you to avoid painting your bedroom a certain shade of dark color since they are typically stronger in shade and more difficult to mix and match with furniture.

But just because dark colors have a negative impression doesn’t imply they’re truly so horrible – dark colors, like anything else, have their own perks and cons.

So, if you’re currently debating whether or not to continue painting your bedroom with a dark color, well, here’s something that might help you decide.

Without further ado, here are the Pros and Cons of Using Dark Paint For Your Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ.


1. Establishes a Bold Statement

The advantage of picking a dark color to paint your space immediately establishes a powerful statement.

People are accustomed to entering airy, bright, light-colored spaces, so imagine their surprise when entering an elegant and lusciously colored dark room.

With this bold option, you immediately set your bedroom apart, and while this choice may not appeal to everyone, you just cannot dispute the overwhelming impact and powerful impression it leaves on everybody who views your stunning dark-colored bedroom.

2. Creates an Intimate, Warm Vibe

Dark colors tend to make a place feel more cramped and restrictive, but when done well, they provide that snug, warm vibe ideal for your bedroom.

You may even increase the warmth of your dark-colored room by placing a warm light in it, bathing it in a wonderful warm glow that will make you feel perfectly at home.

Furthermore, if you want to sleep with little to no light, a dark bedroom will be ideal for you because it reflects less light – say hello to a comfortable, cozy slumber!

3. Easy to Maintain

Nothing covers dirt and marks like a dark color, so it’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for something low-maintenance.

Since you’ll be having a darker interior, you wouldn’t need to worry about any marks or streaks that might happen on your wall since it’ll just blend or be disguised in your walls.

Any markings or dirt that you would normally be concerned about on a light wall will not be an issue on a dark wall since the dark hue covers any dirt and mark well.


1. Reduces Light and Space

One disadvantage of painting your bedroom a dark color is that it will ultimately restrict the amount of light and space available.

Dark colors are inherently designed that way; while there are rare circumstances when dark colors will not constrain your space and make your bedroom gloomy (if done masterfully and tastefully), dark colors will most of the time confine your space and make your bedroom darker and sullen.

Dark colors may not be the greatest choice if you want to make your bedroom appear larger than it is or if you want a light and bright bedroom.

2. Difficult to Paint Over

Because dark colors have a greater tint, they will be difficult to paint over.

While painting over a dark wall is not impossible, it will need twice the labor and price, especially if you are painting a light color over a dark wall.

So, if you don’t intend to maintain the dark walls in your bedroom for the long term, it’s best to go with the lighter, simpler to paint over options.


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