Rec Room Painting Guide in Peoria, AZ

A recreation room, better known as a rec room, is an area in a house that is dedicated to leisure and recreation.

In a residential setting, it can be considered the family bonding area and a place where your guests can have and be shown some casual entertainment.

No matter the size or location of the rec room, it always deserves to have a good paint job.

How you tie the elements of your rec room together greatly adds to the overall atmosphere.

It’s important to give it some love and invest a good amount of time and effort into it.

If you want to have the most enjoyable and relaxing experience in your rec room, follow this Rec Room Painting Guide in Peoria, AZ

Prep and Plan for The Project

The secret to a well-done painting job is to be properly prepared for it.

A clever first step is to plan how you want your rec room to look after the project.

Consider things such as the time it would take to finish the project, which parts of the room you should work on and your budget.

Remove any furniture from the room and cover fixtures to inspect for any damage that should be fixed first before diving into painting.

After taking care of the necessary repairs, clean the room and wash the areas you want to paint to prepare it for priming.

Pick A Good Color Scheme and Paint Sheen

When it comes to painting, you should consider two important things: the color and the sheen of the paint.

When choosing a color scheme, you can refer to a color chart to see which colors would match well with each other.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stress over which colors to choose.

Pick a color scheme that you know you and your family will enjoy having in your rec room!

You’ll be doing various activities in a rec room, so choose a paint sheen or finish that’s durable with a good color payoff.

Satin sheens offer better durability than matte ones and lesser reflectivity than glossier ones. 

Prime and Paint with Good Quality Materials

A good painting project requires good quality materials to get the job done.

One way to make sure that your paint adheres well to a surface evenly is to use a primer.

Primer also protects your walls and conceals any permanent flaws or stains.

Invest in a good paintbrush or roller, so you get smoother coats.

High-quality paint generally provides better coverage and lasts longer, which can save you time, effort, and money.

Take It to the Next Level with a Mural!

If you’re planning to incorporate a specific theme into your rec room, definitely try adding a mural to create a personalized space.

Murals can be about anything, so this is where your creativity comes into play.

Create a mural on your own, ask for help from your family and friends, or hire a talented team to do the job to help you realize the wall art of your dreams!

Not only do murals give life to your rec room, but it also sneakily does the job of covering up any imperfections on your walls.

Draw your favorite book or movie scene, write the lyrics of your favorite song, paint the sky or seas – the choice is yours!

Create An Eye-Catcher with an Accent Wall

An accent wall can drastically change the look and feel of your rec room.

It’s a great way of adding the type of ambiance you want the room to convey.

Accent walls would be especially good in a room with predominantly neutral-colored walls.

Use a bold paint shade or pattern on your accent wall for that pop of color and detail!

You can also match your accent wall with the theme you’re going for or coordinate it with the furniture in the room to see how everything connects.

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