Cover Interior Painting in Peoria, AZ

Project Details

In Mesa, AZ, Prime Painting embarked on a holistic project, rejuvenating both the entire house’s interior and the kitchen cabinets. The challenge lay in unifying the overall aesthetic while highlighting individual room characteristics. Drawing inspiration from Mesa’s desert hues, a balanced palette of warm neutrals interspersed with vibrant accents was chosen. Key in the transformation was meticulous preparation: each wall, corner, and cabinet surface underwent thorough cleaning, sanding, and priming to ensure optimal paint adherence. The kitchen cabinets received special attention, utilizing durable paints to withstand daily wear and potential spills. Every space, from the bedrooms to the living areas, radiated a refreshed ambiance. The outcome? A harmoniously painted home with kitchen cabinets that seamlessly blend functionality with style. Prime Painting’s commitment to excellence and detail transformed this Mesa residence into a modern, inviting abode.