Signs For You To Repaint Your Bedroom Cabinets in Peoria, AZ

Signs For You To Repaint Your Bedroom Cabinets in Peoria, AZ

Our bedroom cabinets are more than just for extra storage, because they actually contribute to our bedroom’s overall appeal, tying up the whole space nicely.

In this case, maintenance will be necessary for our bedroom cabinets, so we can maintain their overall appeal and appearance – and this can be best done through a fresh coat of paint.

But, it can be confusing to know whether it is time for you to repaint your bedroom cabinets or not, so if you’re currently burdened with this dilemma, here’s something you might want to read.

Here are Signs For You To Repaint Your Bedroom Cabinets.

1. Paint Peeling

If you are seeing various parts of your bedroom cabinets with paint peeling on them, this is definitely a classic sign that you should probably be thinking of repainting your cabinets.

Paint peeling is a type of paint problem that can be common in households, but this does not mean that we should treat it with lesser urgency – this will actually be a considerable mistake you shouldn’t be making. 

If left untreated, the peeling issue on your cabinets can escalate to an even bigger peeling issue, and one that will be a hassle to fix and take care of by then.

So, in fixing the peeling issue on your bedroom cabinets, you’ll want to first scrape off the affected areas on your bedroom cabinets, and repaint accordingly – in doing this, you’ll want to adhere to the standard painting protocols, so you can ensure that the problem won’t be persisting even after fixing the peeling issue. 

2. Paint Fading

If you’re noticing that your bedroom cabinets seem pale or just generally drab in color lately, then their coat of paint might have started to fade or has faded already – which is again another sign that you’ll want to repaint your bedroom cabinets.

Just like paint peeling, paint fading is another type of paint problem that can be common among households, which happens due to a number of reasons such as:

  1. A lack of proper surface preparation
  2. A lack of primer application prior to painting
  3. Prolonged sun exposure
  4. Using low-quality paint
  5. An overall abysmal painting project

Additionally, your coat of paint can also naturally fade over time, which means two definite things: First, it has been a while since you have last repainted your bedroom cabinets, and second, your cabinets are definitely due for a fresh coat.

In repainting your faded bedroom cabinets, you’ll want to keep in mind the painting mistakes listed above, so you can ensure that your cabinets won’t be fading again anytime soon. 

3. Scuff Marks Or Dark Streaks

Over time, your bedroom cabinets might have acquired some type of scuff marks or dark streaks on their surface – and this can be normal, and usually warrants no immediate call for action.

Some of these marks can easily be concealed or can be wiped off with a brush, but some marks may not be as easy to remedy – some marks can be stubborn to remove, and just won’t come off.

In this instance, it would be better to just get it over with and apply a coat of paint over these marks rather than spend endless hours cleaning them off your cabinets.

Continuously scrubbing your cabinets will not only be a waste of your effort and time, but you might also be inflicting physical damage to your cabinets through this, which will be an entirely different problem to fix. 

4. Physical Damages

Lastly, a definitive sign for you to repaint your bedroom cabinets is if you’re already seeing physical damage on its surface.

Having physical damage on a painted surface will inevitably destroy the coat of paint present in the process – which is why having manifestations of physical damage on a surface will be a definitive sign for you to repaint the whole surface.

However, you must assess first whether the damage present on your cabinets is something that can be remedied by patching up and repainting or would need overall replacement, since you don’t want to waste your time and effort into a painting project that is already unsalvageable in the first place. 


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