Signs That You Should Repaint Your Bathroom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

Signs That You Should Repaint Your Bathroom Cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

Aside from its immediate function as an essential storage solution, our bathroom cabinets play a crucial role in making our bathroom space feel more complete and visually appealing.

Thus, proper maintenance from time to time is necessary for our bathroom cabinets, which a fresh coat of paint does best. 

However, how does one determine that it is time to apply a fresh coat of paint to our bathroom cabinets? What are the signs one should be on the lookout for?

To help you with these questions, here are Signs That You Should Repaint Your Bathroom Cabinets.

1. Fading or Discoloration

If you have been noticing that your coat of paint seems dull or is turning into another, rather unattractive, hue from its original color, chances are that it has started to fade/already faded, or it has started the process of discoloration. 

Paint fading or discoloration is a type of paint problem that is rather common among average households, and they usually happen due to the following reasons;

  1. A lack of proper primer application beforehand;
  2. Substance contamination in your paint formulation;
  3. A lack of proper surface preparation before applying paint;
  4. Using low-quality paint;
  5. Too much sun exposure

However, your coat of paint can also naturally fade over time, which would definitely mean two things: first, that it has been a while since you have last painted your bathroom cabinets, and, second, that they are long overdue for a fresh coat of paint.

So, if you have been noticing that your once vibrant cabinets have lost their luster and appear dull or patchy, this is an evident sign that you should probably treat them to a fresh coat of paint. 

However, in doing so, be guided to repaint your bathroom cabinets while following standard painting protocols, to ensure that no paint complications such as fading or discolored paint will be persisting in your bathroom space anytime soon. 

2. Chipped or Peeling Paint

Another clear sign that you need to repaint your bathroom cabinets would be if you’re already seeing various parts of your cabinet’s surface with paint peeling or chipping. 

Like paint fading/discoloration (mentioned above), paint peeling/chipping is also a type of paint problem that could very well happen in the common household.

However, just because its occurrence isn’t unusual or out of the ordinary doesn’t mean that we should take this paint problem lightly; if left unattended, the initial peeling issue on your cabinets could escalate to an even more drastic peeling issue.

By then, it’ll already be too much of an issue to fix – and one you could have completely avoided had you taken care of it accordingly in the first place. 

So, remember to do the necessary reparations on the early signs of paint peeling/chipping, to prevent any further hassle on your part. 

3. Scratches, Dents, or Water Damage

Daily use, accidental bumps, and water splashes can leave behind scratches, dents, or water damage on your bathroom cabinets.

While these are not usually a worrying issue that needs immediate painting intervention, some instances of these imperfections do not only diminish the appearance of your cabinets but can also compromise their structural integrity.

So, if you have been getting bothered by the signs of scratches, dents or water damage on your cabinets, you might want to think of doing a bathroom cabinet repainting project. 

However, it is also important to know that not all damages are repairable with a painting project, especially if the damages present are already drastic – which, in this case, it might be better to just replace your bathroom cabinets entirely.

So, try to assess the overall condition of your bathroom cabinets first before deciding to cover them up with a fresh coat of paint!

4. Difficulty in Cleaning

If you are already finding it an overall hassle to completely clean your bathroom cabinets due to the excessive stains present on their surface, it might be better for you to just opt to cover these stains with a fresh coat of paint. 

This will be a much better option than spending so much time scrubbing these stubborn stains off your cabinets – to which, you also risk inflicting damage onto your cabinets’ surface!


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