Simple Cabinet Painting and Decorating Tricks You Can Do in Peoria, AZ

It’s very much a given that every home needs the functionality of cabinets.

Cabinets are necessary to store your household items and keep your home organized and clean. 

The cabinetry can serve as the focal point of many areas in your home, such as kitchens and mudrooms. 

Good cabinets shouldn’t only be functional, but they need to be pleasing to the eye as well.

You can either paint or decorate your cabinets to fit your style and to make them appear snappier.

Giving your furniture a makeover can seem like a tiring task to do, but there are plenty of quick and easy ways to improve the look of your cabinetry.

Switch up and make your cabinets really pop with these Simple Cabinet Painting and Decorating Tricks You Can Do in Peoria, AZ.

Experiment With Colors

When it comes to painting your cabinets, one of the first things that would come to mind is picking out the right color.

There are many ways to play with your cabinets’ color scheme.

You can try going for a single block of color or varying shades of the same color for a beautiful monochrome effect.

Or you could even mix and match paint colors to see which ones would make a striking color combination for your cabinets. 

One good trick is to familiarize yourself with the color wheel so you can get an idea of which colors work well together and which don’t.

The paint that goes on your cabinets will be staying on for a long time – or until your next repainting job! – so be sure to choose a color you know you will love seeing every day!

Go For Refreshing Neutrals

Going for a neutral color scheme for your cabinetry (and the room it’s in as well) is a failproof method for keeping a clean and sophisticated look.

If you don’t want any flashy colors for your cabinets, then soft and calm neutrals are definitely the way to go!

Blacks, whites, and browns are considered to be “pure” neutrals as they don’t have any undertones, so you can catch them with virtually any color you wish.

Consider neutrals with yellow, pink, or even orange undertones if you want warmer neutrals, such as creams or beiges.

On the other hand, go for neutrals with blue, green, or purple undertones if you want to lean more towards cooler neutrals like grays or ivories.

If you want a little mix of both cool and warm colors, greige has your back!

Greige is a combination of a warm beige and a cool gray to create an in-between neutral shade that’s perfect for your neutral color needs!

Choose The Right Sheen for Your Cabinets

Choosing the right paint sheen is as equally important as choosing a paint color.

There are different types of paint sheens or finishes, and these could affect the final appearance and durability of the paint.

Depending on which room your cabinets are in, the type of paint sheen you need also changes.

For kitchen or laundry cabinets, you need a paint finish that can withstand constant cleaning.

Gloss-type paint finishes are known for being highly durable and easy to clean, so they would be the practical choice for your kitchen, laundry, or even mudroom cabinetry.

A great alternative to glossy sheens is satin or eggshell paint sheens, as these also provide a high level of durability without being too reflective or too dull.

Add A Mini Garden!

If you’re looking to design and decorate your cabinets in a fun and practical way, consider growing an indoor garden.

Indoor gardens can be enjoyed by green thumbs and hobbyists alike, and they also elevate the look of your interior.

An indoor garden would be especially good when placed in your kitchen, as it can help you grow your own herbs and other fresh ingredients.

You can use the extra space above and in-between cabinets to place small houseplants or hanging plants for that perfect homely look!

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