Tips For Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ

Tips For Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom in Phoenix, AZ

As parents, we all want the best for our kids – so when the time comes for us to make the perfect bedroom for them, we may get overwhelmed and not know where to start because we want to do it right the first time.

So, if you’re here as a concerned and responsible parent, confused about where to start in painting your kid’s bedroom, here’s something that could be really helpful for you.

Here are Tips For Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom.

1. Do Proper Surface Preparation

In painting your kid’s bedroom, one of the first things that you can do to ensure that all goes well and that you’ll surely harbor satisfying results would be to do proper surface preparation. 

Proper surface preparation, if you don’t already know by now, is a must in any painting project, because it ensures that you will have a clean and ideal surface for your paint to adhere to.

Painting on a dirty, unprepared surface will only get you a nasty paint finish, one you will definitely have to redo all over again – which not only puts you through the hassle of doubling your effort but also doubles your expense.

To do this, you will want to simply make sure that the surface you’re painting is clean: you can do this with either a simple brush, or use some kind of cleaning detergent, or just a wet cloth to wipe away any dirt that might have collected on it over time – the choice is up to the general state of the surface, and your opinion. 

2. Ensure To Acquire No-VOC Paint

Since this bedroom is essentially for your kids, you should be meticulous with the paint you’re going to be using for the project.

In that case, you should ensure to acquire a no-VOC paint formula.

You may ask, what is this kind of paint and why do I need to acquire this for my kid’s bedroom painting project?

There are paint that contains VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, that are extremely harmful to your overall health.

The more VOC a paint formula has, the more you put yourself at risk for health problems, since these compounds stay long in the space even after you have finished painting.

So, to ensure that you won’t be putting your kid’s health at risk, you should ensure to acquire no-VOC paint when you’re shopping for paint materials – don’t be shy to ask a paint professional where to get this certain kind of paint if you’re not sure!

3. Have A Concept In Mind

In painting your kid’s bedroom, it would be best to have a certain kind of concept in mind prior to actually doing your painting project.

Your kid would appreciate and love the room even more if it’s just more than a room with flat, solid color paint – you can go big and think of many concepts that you think your kid will enjoy!

You can try adding color schemes, adding an accent wall, painting a mural somewhere, or painting a wall fully with chalkboard paint so it can double as their freedom wall where they can express their imagination limitlessly!

There are so many design inspirations online, so if you’re still not sure of what design route to go with, just give it a quick search and scroll until you stumble upon something that you think your child will like!

4. Include Your Kid In The Creative Process

Lastly, in painting a bedroom for your kid, it is important that you also include them in the creative process of making their bedroom.

Because the bedroom is essentially theirs, it is important that you also give them the chance to put their ideas and thoughts into the making of their bedroom.

Not only will this help them develop their cognitive and decision-making skills, but this could also help you strengthen your bond with the in the process. 


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