Tips For Painting Your Walls With A Dark Color In Phoenix, AZ

Switching to dark-colored interior sounds difficult for some owners, but not everyone hates this shade.

The luscious and deep colors and shades of dark colors can symbolize modernity, luxury, power, elegance, sophistication, and mystery.

This color also evokes stronger emotions and feelings.

Dark colors could also be easily paired with many colors, designs, and styles you prefer.

However, switching to a dark-colored interior is a big change, so if you’re planning to do so, here’s something you might want to check out first.

To guide you as you recoat your walls, check these Tips For Painting Your Walls With A Dark Color In Phoenix, AZ.

1. Test It In A Small Area First

Try it out first in smaller spaces before proceeding to the actual painting of your specific room, such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

In this way, you will be able to see the possible final look and decide whether you want to commit to that project or not.

Small rooms like storage rooms, old bathrooms, or office rooms that nobody is using are some good starts to test.

2. Know The Natural Light

Testing during daylight is recommended to see the real hues of your preferred theme and selected colors for your room.

If the room has many windows with natural light, you can pick even darker shades of black.

Lights are so important when painting your room to test the best color for your room.

3. Prepare The Walls Properly

Any paint professional will say that no amount of paint will be able to cover up the already existing flaws in your walls, such as debris, holes, scratches, and more.

So, it is important that you fill the holes, fix the damages, remove any unnecessary things, and clean it properly before painting it.

Also, tape the areas you don’t want to get painted because it will be much harder to remove dark paint when they are smudged onto your walls because of its stronger tint.

4. Accent Walls With Lighter Shades

In painting your interior with a dark color, you can even play around and make one part of your walls an accent wall!

This will be great since a dark-colored wall will be a great background for many designs and furnishings.

To do this, you’ll want to carefully choose the colors and elements you want to incorporate into your walls; you should choose lighter-colored elements to create that nice contrast between the two opposite colors.

You can put up frames, golden mirrors, or hanging shelves to put and display your various personal accessories on your dark-colored accent wall!

Just don’t hesitate to experiment and try things out – you’ll never know that this may be the way to achieve the best look for your interior. 

5. Use Angled Brushes

Using dark paint is difficult, especially if your ceilings and trims are white or light.

Dark paint splatters can ruin or permanently stain your light-colored ceilings or trims since they will be very noticeable even from afar, so you must be careful and use the right tools.

Angled brushes can help you with this to paint those tricky areas easier and mess-free. 

6. Remember To Apply Primer

Dark walls need more time and more coats, probably two to three layers of paint, to fully achieve a solid color.

However, you can reduce the time you use a dark-tinted primer first before the actual paint color.

But, always remember that every paint color needs more coating of primer and layer of paint to get that beautiful final look for your project.


Painting your walls with a dark color is not easy, however, you can ask for professionals or anyone who is an expert in this field to do the job and help you with your project.

The dark color is not intimidating, there are various reasons why some owners chose this shade for their interior and exterior.

It represents not just their houses, rooms, or apartments but also their personalities.

When done tastefully and with finesse, a dark color can easily elevate your home interior’s overall appeal!


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